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Lisa Jane Photographer

Well, I’m a commentating, illustrating , description giving, adjective expert (blogger/writer)

I am a photographer trapped inside a graphic designer’s body; I love illustration, I am a coder and website designer, I am a writer, I am a magazine editor (see Beyond The Magazine) I am a golden age (that is 90’s stuff – Souljah Boy I refuse you) hip hop lover/nerd and most of all I am a very lucky girl who gets to indulge in the things that she loves every single day.

I write this blog with a tongue firmly in cheek and a wit that is too legit to quit… consider this literally a pretty funny wedding blog.  Who knew that sarcasm, gifs and videos could be part and parcel of wedding planning?

I’m a friendly and chatty little soul.  Feel free to hit me up on my email [email protected].  You can follow me on twitter although I tend to ramble on and on about a myriad of things plus I tweet a heck of a lot @beyondbeyond365 (warning: sometimes I can be slightly offensive, but in a funny way – I promise). You can peek inside my mind (sort of) on pinterest.


Beyond Beyond started life in 2010, when I was a freelance graphic designer and office wretch who was trying to transition into living the dream (the dream being working in an office at the foot of my garden while staring out the neighbour’s cat).

When I started the Beyond Beyond blog it is was in a time before Pinterest and the blog was a great way of bookmarking the things that I loved and saving them in one digital place. Plus, I relished the fact that I got to write in the third person and be an online clown (being mature is a vastly overrated enterprise).

Also, I don’t really do 9-5 well; the frustration of constraining my creativity and not being able to follow my artistic bliss, meant that my heart was never in any corporate position that I had. I was always the one glancing furtively from side to side hoping that the boss wouldn’t catch me working on things that had nothing to do with the day job.  However, in the land Beyond Beyond I had the chance to run free.

It was by chance that I discovered wedding blogs; I entered a tulle and taffeta twilight world where I learnt that a wedding wasn’t charmless chintz, sugared almonds (bleeeuggh), and school disco-esque DJ’s.

I landed in a world full of amazing art, fashion, design and inspiration that allowed me to view getting hitched in brand new way.  My preconceptions are still challenged every day by the creativity and beauty of what weddings can be, and this translated into me being pulled into something that has changed my forever.

Beyond Beyond has now evolved into a well respected blog  (I still pinch myself at that fact)  as well as it being the home of my social stationery design, it has allowed me to work on lots of beautiful side projects that I would never have been able to get off the ground without this space.

Kisses, Namaste and all that good stuff and I hope you enjoy your visit to Beyond Beyond.
Amma like Hammer (you’d be surprised how many times that gets misprounounced).

PS. This is a diet free and body positive blog – please do not contact me with regards to anything that is linked to diets and the like!

The photographic glory goes to: Lisa Jane Photography

Beautiful side projects: Beyond Beyond Stationery, Hello Lover, and Haboglabo

As featured on Rock n Roll Bride, Motilo, Hush Hush, Girl Meets Dress, Wedding Magazine, and Palour Magazine


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