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Me + Ashton JP + Afternoon Tea

April 9, 2012  |  Inspiration, Our Friends, Personal Post

When I was asked by Ashton earlier this year if he could take my pictures, I got incredibly excited; but there is a part of me that finds this all a bit surreal.  The fact that people want to take my pictures is still a complete trip; I told Ashton I have never been a real fan of cameras.  There is a twilight period of my life where I don’t think that there are many pictures of me at all as I was a consummate lens dodger;  I’d always be the one to offer to take the shot so that I could avoid the frame.

The beauty of my job (still feels weird that blogging is a part of my job *shakes head in mild disbelief*) is that featuring so much amazing photography has taught be to fall in love with photography all over again, and to actually see the camera as a friend and not an enemy that is out to make me look bad.

So, the day finally came, last week – as I hurriedly got ready – on the make up front I was incredibly lucky as the talented and lovely Joanne of Powder and Blush, gave me incredible face! The beauty of black skin other than the fact it comes in about 29 different shades, is that I happen to have 3 shades on my face.  She blended up a mix and basically made me feel gorgeous!  I do love a bit of Red Lipstick so she made sure the rest of my face was neutral otherwise I would of ended up looking a little dragalicious!

Being an organised genius, I managed to leave my phone at home, which left me having to run ran laps around Hither Green Station in the effort to find Ashton; completely forgetting that like a halfwit I’d told him to meet me in ‘You Don’t Bring me Flowers’.  Ran home in 4 inch high Mary Jane’s (I’m a Don, I tells you and made it back 30 minutes late for the photography), but found a serenely patient Ashton waiting with a pot of Earl Grey, for me to make my appearance.

When Ashton, first asked to shoot me – he asked me what my favourite place in London was so hard to pick – it was a frinking killer, as I love different places for different reasons.  But, the reason why I chose ‘You Don’t Bring me Flowers’ is that it is my fantasy ‘when I leave the day job’ hangout.    Whenever I’ve jumped off the train in the evening I’ve always walked by wistfully, and told myself that one fine day I will be sitting there with a slab of cake, a moleskin (hipster notebook), and big pot of tea; planning out blog posts, sketching designs, or waiting for client meetings.

The other thing I loved was talking to Ashton, although he is Deaf and I’m hearing we had a really good chat, there is such a lyricism to his movement, so his whole body becomes a conversation, it was easy to understand him: he is incredibly funny, chatty, kind, and considerate; I’ve just got mad love for him! I learned to sign my name, say thank you, good and favourite, it did make me want to learn how to sign language  and I do hope one day I get to do this.  When body language didn’t do it, we had bits of paper and it reminded me of school; except there was no teacher to tell us off for passing notes!

So these are the amazing images (not just because I’m in them… I’m all kinds of sexy ha!), they are soft, ethereal and gentle images that show off the beauty of film photography, and there is something nice about having to anticipate and wonder what the images will look like as opposed the immediacy of digital that has spoiled a generation (You should see how testy I get when I have to wait three minutes for the microwave).

Massive thanks to the incredibly talented Ashton not only for these images, but for the conversation and the laughter.   Also thanks of Joanne of Powder and Blush for giving me good face!

The photographic glory goes to: Ashton Jean Pierre

Make up: Powder and Blush

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  1. You look Bloody gorgeous lady! and Ashton has done a marvalous job! LOVE them! xxxxx

  2. Lovely pics looking like hot chocolate !!!

  3. Love these!
    I am a big fan of Ashton’s photography anyway and of your face in particular. 🙂

    I only wish I had a fab café like this to hang out in and meet clients around where I live. Maybe someone wants to open up one?

  4. I’ve had a pleasure of meeting Ashton briefly, and I can agree with all the above! He is such a talented and inspirational person! Love the portraits he took of you!

  5. Beautiful pictures you are gorgeous!

  6. Lovely pics Ashton and OMG I love those shoes xxx

  7. Gorgeous pics and i also was VERY drawn to the shoes haha x

    • Sweets, those shoes are my new favourite thing, I love them so much I might actually get a moses baskets, and have a christening for my babies! x

  8. Wow!!! You look so good on these photos!!! The outfit, the shoes… the hair, LOVE the hair!!!! Wow!!!!!

  9. Billiant shoot! Ashton certainly brought his usual A game. Amma, you’re just too cool lady.

  10. Thanks muchly Mr Demba! 🙂 x

  11. BEAUTIFUL!!! and those shoes…sigh.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Ok seriously girl you need to stop all this “looking good” business, you’re putting me to shame!

    Absolutely beautiful shots Ashton, I’m in love with your work, really, really beautiful. The model ain’t half bad either 😉


    • er… Whatevs yummy in fact cordon bleu Mummy! You lady should be in front of a camera more often, and you’ve gotta love Ashton he is all kinds of awesome!

  14. I agree with all of the above, especially the parts about your gorgeous shoes and Ashton being fabulous. Every image is a work of art, love your sassy model poses too xx

    • Lady Elizabeth, I am still in love with the shoot that Ashton took of you, you are totes from Zoolander’s school for ridiculously good looking people x

  15. Sheesh….. who are you? you seem to get prettier and prettier as the days go by…. tell me your secret!!!! xxx

  16. Amma you look amazing! love the colour and tone of this images Ashton – just lovely!

  17. These are soooo lovely and MY aren’t you beautiful? I think I might be a bit in love with Ashton & that camera of his.

    • Awww bless you Chloe, I can’t get used to the word ‘beautiful’ and I’m not fishing… honest. Thank you thou gorgeous lady x

  18. Shall we add “super model” to your list of things? Awesome photos my dear! Lucky you! xx

  19. ZOMG!!! You are so CUTE Amma. Seriously. Stylish and saucy and just so so adorable at the same time. I love these pics. The colours are gorgeous! x

  20. Second time I’ve looked at these images and they wow me just as much as the first lady friend. He is a great photographer isn’t he, lovely Ashton xXx

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