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Barbie’s Nollywood Wedding

June 11, 2012  |  Love Shoots, Real weddings

If I say Black Barbie, you may think that we are referring to the Minaj… Although a recent comparison to the eponymous 90’s toy of choice the troll doll, might mean that she needs to change that moniker *wicked sneer*

However, in this case it is all about Black Barbie getting married, yeah we know that we saw Ken and Barbs, get hitched – but we are glad that Photography by Obi has given us the Nollywood glamour viersion .

A wedding event filled with Suya, Gari and Epa… maybe even some light soup.  So, the finger guns, salute, and photographic glory go to the talented Photography by Obi.

If you can’t quite get enough Black Barbie action check out the incredible Black Barbie Issue on Vogue Italia.  It’s photography treats a-go-go! (We think you ear companion for these visuals should be a bit o’ D’Banj!)The photography glory goes to: Photography by Obi

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  1. O my days! Great inspiration, Obi, Love it. Thanks for sharing, Amma. THis has brightened up an otherwise bleh day!

  2. @onikeps will <3! RT @beyondbeyond365: Barbie’s Nollywood Wedding (YES REALLY!) by Photography by Obi {Up on the blog} http://t.co/WWZcPOEJ

  3. It’s a late night re-bump… Barbie the Nollywood wedding edition // on the blog >>>> http://t.co/3Ci61arm

  4. wow. kinda weird. but i actually smiled at the photo of Barbie taking a photo of the bride & groom. I almost forgot they were dolls! x

  5. OMG you find THE BEST STUFF. This has totally just made my day. I wish someone would do a South African version!

  6. Love, love, love this Nigerian version of the Barbie wedding on @beyondbeyond365. Would love to see a SAn version… http://t.co/9ILBTxAt

  7. AMAZING!!! Wow Obi really captured the essence of a Nigerian wedding. Nothing weired about it. It looks so much fun. A lot of work went in that shoot!

  8. I had to comment again becase this has really made me smile this morning! lololol

  9. I love this wedding, what a cute couple – you can really see the love and warmth they have for each other.
    That Barbie is one sexy plastic beauty!

    Also loving the troll/minaj twins XxX

  10. I love this! this is incredible!

  11. Every time I look at this my morning feels awesome all over again, glad you are loving this!

  12. A real black Barbie wedding. You have to see it to believe it. http://t.co/WPyp1S5C Thanks @beyondbeyond365

  13. 🙂 It’s good!!! RT @YesBride: A real black Barbie wedding. You have to see it to believe it. http://t.co/LktU1aOQ Thanks @beyondbeyond365

  14. RT @beyondbeyond365: 🙂 It’s good!!! RT @YesBride: A real black Barbie wedding. You have to see it to believe it. http://t.co/LktU1aOQ Thanks @beyondbeyond365

  15. OMG OMG OMG! This is SO amazing! Can’t wait to show my daughter! Thanks guys x

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