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The ULTIMATE Photobooth!!!

The ULTIMATE Photobooth!!!

We spied this last year, and its veering off track slightly – but this could the aces for a wedding idea. This is photo booths on another level and we thought if you ever have the either the tech + moolah + or commitment to wedding advancement– then this is the ultimate idea or alternatively this could be a very clever way to do a cake topper!

The amazing project is by Party & Omote 3d, and ran up until January 13th this year in (apart from the fact this has convinced us that we need to live in Japan) we just love the concept –  so much so, that we nearly licked the screen as this idea is so damn delicious!

The future of photo booths or even couples shoots, or a cool way to design a wedding invitation? Who knows but we loves it!

All images Omote 3d in association with Party

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