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Black and Yellow // Wiz Khalifa Inspired Wedding Hotness

Today’s post is inspired by Wiz Khalifa

But, seriously the responsibility of this post all goes to Wiz Khalifa; we were singing our special acapella version of Black and Yellow, and then we thought black and yellow weddings, now there’s a thought… and from that thought sprang this post.

So, enjoy lovers… time for us to shoehorn in the most obvious spurious song choice ever here it goes.

By the way, if you do pick this theme, don’t forget to send a thank you note to Wiz (I get the feeling that he is a Cath Kidston kind of dude).

Pretty Source Material and the niceness glory goes to: Top to Bottom //Our Labour of Love on Style Me Pretty ,Amy Atlas,Caroline Fontenot on Beyond Beyond,Cameron Ingalls on Style Me Pretty, Black and white 60th Birthday Party via Kara’s Party ideas, M.Robin Cake via Spokane Bride Blog

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  1. Love this! I never thought Wiz Khalifa could inspire such gorgeousness!

  2. I can’t stop giggling reading this, great inspiration funny Amma!

  3. Haha i love this! Black and Yellow is ‘our’ song (for absolutely no reason except when it came out we loved it so much we knew every lyric by the end of the day haha)

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