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And the Bride wore Orange? A Dress called Fleetwood

September 8, 2011  |  Found and beautiful, Inspiration

We haven’t been to ASOS in a while as every time we head on over there our wallet runs away from us in a scene that borrows from The Great Escape.  However, since fiscal jitter have been eased, and the bank manager has been calmed.  Then we spied this dress from one of our favouritest stores in the widey world Aqua – could this be for a bride in orange, made of honour, or a guest who wants to take it to the maxi?

Whatever the final decision is we think that this is gorge – dress loveliness is found at Aqua *le design sigh* What do you think about a bride in orange???

And spurious song choice is like so totally obvious! Take it away Fleetwood Mac

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  1. This is so gorgeous I think Orange would be a great colour for a bride!

  2. I never thought, that an orange gown for the bride can be so beautiful.It looks pretty and elegant.

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