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With This Bling | The Black Feather

With This Bling | The Black Feather

This is a things that make you ‘Mmmm’ with a dash of ‘wow wee’, and  a smidgen of ‘gee whizz’ – we felt like taking it old school with the superlatives.

We have a bit of a love jones going on this afternoon for the pretties of a jewelled variety that come from The Black Feather; a bohemian and rocker shop of the finger candy.

Kim is the supremely talented artist and designer behind Black Feather. Creating one of a kind jewellery including earrings, gypsy head chain crowns, using a mix of gemstones, metal, clay, feathers, natural materials like bone and wood and vintage pieces she sources along her travels.

Green Wishing Stong Ring

Kim says “I began creating unique jewellery to wear, I wanted one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else could have and this led me to my admiration for vintage pieces. The recycling of vintage jewellery fascinated me because of its multiple re-uses, and the special history that came along with each piece. I use elements of vintage and natural elements to create my pieces.”

Raw Amethyst Necklace

And what’s in a name, why did Kim choose the name Black Feather:  “It has been said that Black feathers give the mystical wisdom that comes with true spiritual initiation. They also offer protection and repel negative energy. And I am all about positive energy, being surrounded by it and providing it. My pieces bring positive energy, each gemstone, charm or carving have meaning, healing properties, and exude elements from our nature. For example, turquoise, my favourite stone, represents strength and protection from harm. Turquoise, especially, is known for its positive healing energy, and as a protector.”

You know how we roll you can see our favourite things…

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With This Bling | Three Bird Nest

With This Bling | Three Bird Nest

So, you want to pimp your head? Actually, that could be the worse phrased question ever.  Since, we don’t want to move from being a wedding website into an adult website that can only be viewed on your mobile phone with some heavy duty encryption; we won’t get into the detail that makes that wrong.

Shall we try again?

We think so?

Would you like to make you cranium super pretty?

Much better yes?

Well if you do, you may want to check out these pretty pieces from Three Bird nest, boho inspired marvels that let you be a bride (or bridesmaid, or guest) with a difference.  You can visit them right here, but before you run off and leave us in an effort to unburden yourself of shekels; these are a few of our favourite things.

Head Chain Boho Headpiece

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With this Bling | KooKooBird

With this Bling | KooKooBird

June 24, 2015  |  Gift, Inspiration, Jewellery  |  No Comments

So, usually we would be drooling over some wedding ring bling.  But, these are sooooo cute and we think they are a lovely little gift for the bridal/groom homies.

Kookoo bird brooch


And you know what the pins make a good point – it’s okay, it all really is and will be; however we want a bit more than okay for you for your big day – we wish you a day that is absolutely amazing!

Kookoo bird brooch 2

Kookoo bird brooch 3

Super cute and beautiful brooches are by kookoobird – go on and get yours!

With This Bling | Capucinne

With This Bling | Capucinne

Summer isn’t merely the season of BBQ’s; it’s aslo the season of DIY –  as in the kind of DIY that requires shimmying up ladders, hammers, nails, and a blowtorch as opposed to Washi tape and matchsticks.  However, we don’t want you to decorate your home; we are more focused on you decorating your fingers with the pretty.

For those purposes we want you to visit Capucinne for some of their gorgeous pretties – so you lovely lot, here is our rundown of favourite things from this here shop!

0.3 Carat Trillion Diamond Ring

Micropave Stacking Ring

Ruby Diamond Ring

Coordinate Necklace

Diamond Lace Ring

Silver name Ring

Top to bottom: 0.3 Carat Trillion Diamond Ring, Micropave Stacking Ring, Ruby Diamond Ring, Coordinate Necklace, Diamond Lace Ring, Silver name Ring