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With This Bling | Heavy Meadow

With This Bling | Heavy Meadow

We know our priorities around these parts and one thing that always features in our  ‘gives us life’ top 10 is jewellery – oh the pretty stuff it is salubrious and happy making, and when it has a bit of an eco friendly spin.  We love it even more so without further ado we are all over these pieces from Heavy Meadow (throw in the fact that these are recycled) and we are in complete eco friendly love. Trousseau or bridemaids bribery… love them so!

little bird

These are special ones for sure! So, although these are minimal pieces of beauty our inner Mr T wants to go to drape ourselves to the point of pimp like ostentation.  These are more than a few of our favourite things.  Don’t forget to head on over to Heavy Meadow to see more delicious jewellery-ness!

Little Tetrahedron Heavy Meadow Design

Crescent Moon Linked Bracelet

Sterling Silver Triangle Ring

Earth + Moon Necklace


Top to bottom: Little Bird, Little Tetrahedron , Crescent Moon Linked Bracelet, Sterling Silver Triangle Ring, Earth + Moon Necklace

The photographic glory goes to: Heavy Metal

What Lies Beneath | Loveday London

What Lies Beneath | Loveday London

We aren’t fans of clothes during the summer the kiss of the heat against any bare parts of our anatomy is the height of persona joy so it means that we are back to playing dress up in our underpants it is way too much fun (and reduces having to wash clothes – anything that removes the need to do the ironing is worth it!).


Our choice of possible summer wear is coming atcha from Loveday London – launched in 2014; the brand is bold and beautiful magic with mixes of sweet and saucy (and pretty much everything in between).

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Props Over Here: Michie May

Props Over Here: Michie May

Give us a décor or give us death!

No it’s not that serious but we do love a bit of mellow drama (as we don’t like saving it for our Mama).  However, we’ve been on the hunt for some prettiness in all fairness and we landed on these gorgeous little numbers from Michie May.

So, we hope that you play this while you look at these items… you know that it had to Bey, she’s our bae.

Fringe Cake Topper

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Let them Eat Watercolour Cake

Let them Eat Watercolour Cake

We keep saying we are getting jiggy with it in terms of schedule et al… but keep with us we are locking things up, nailing them down and a few other assorted actions that should hint at both order and routine.

Anyhoo, what you can salve yourselves with while we work a schedule that is as unexpected as bird poop – here is some cake for a rather delectable but late visual lunch.  You can learn more about this rather beauteous number came to being over on the rather lovely My Name is Yeh


As for us, we’ll be singing Your So Beautiful (gosh darn it that song is addictive) and working on the new magazine which is imminent. Don’t forget to pick up your complimentary copy over on the iTunes Store.