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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

It is burning hot – and I’m loving it might be a bit TMI on the information front but imagine me naked writing this blog post.  I haven’t worn an outfit at home in days – not only has it reduced the dry cleaning bill – but the good thing about being semi nude is as skin is waterproof, there have been no stains and eating pasta has stopped being an exercise in fashion destruction.

I jest, but it has been a bit junior school P.E lesson (vest and pants wear – although I’m pretty sure that legally they can’t make you do PE in your vest and pants anymore, seems like a recipe for bad touching).  So, with that I’m going to hop, skip and forward roll into crushes, link love, and such like.



The link love goes to:

{Image by Love + Perry Photography via Rock n Roll Bride}

A Handmade Wedding in the Woods via Belle Amour

Hannah & Kristie via Rock n Roll Bride

A Gray & Yellow Wedding via Love & Lavender

Pastel & Navy Wedding via Wedding Sparrow

Bohemian Fall inspired Wedding via Bridal Musings


I saw Clare Balding and had a bit of a girl crush meltdown while walking the streets of London.  I managed to play disinterested Londoner poker face and resisted a double take.  But, I salute her!

Eat Play Love Monday Session 1.5 from Beyond Beyond on 8tracks Radio.


I heard this quote a couple of weeks back and it’s stuck in my mind every day since – Biography isn’t destiny, you can rewrite the story of your life whenever you so choose.  And on that philosophical note I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of Monday, but of course I’ll be back with more wedding related treats in a while crocodiles.

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We Love Yu!

We Love Yu!

It dress candy as opposed to shutter candy this fine afternoon and the wonder and whimsy of wedding fashion is coming to you from the design world of Love Yu and we are sharing some delicious slices of dress fashion with you.


Love Yu is the fashion bambino of Ee-Lyn Tang who left the banking industry – and after graduating from Parsons design became part of the fashion industry – the label Love Yu (which we love) began in 2009.

elope-yu-Juliet 2

Timeless, chic and elegant with an injection on sexy quirk (just the way that we like it) a contemporary range that mixes fine fabrics with a killer design sensilibility.  Love Yu – How we love you!  See more of the Love Yu and find stockists of these super-fine dresses here.







Viktor & Rolf Bridal Collection

Viktor & Rolf Bridal Collection

Over on Beyond Beyond we are fansof the very last minute, not the long languorous hours – we like fast paced action packed heart stopping minutes… because General Anxiety Disorder is our standard approach to work (If doesn’t make you work like a dog and simultaneously cry we think it’s a bit lily livered to be frank).


However, this worked approach has worked out rather well this afternoon and we were doing the ants-in- our-pants-what-to-blog-in-the-afternoon and behold – due to a bit of Facebook power we saw the lovely new Viktor & Rolf collection (wasn’t that a long and meandering voyage to the point) – so we say a thank you to Parallel Venues for the fashion education, and also massive drool over all the luscious Viktor & Rolf.

The collection is a mix between functional with a hint of the sweet stuff – it is a very elegant and forward focused collection (as we’d expect from Viktor & Rolf).  Our favourite is the Bow Back dress see it below it’s a wedding day marvel.


We think that we might do ourselves a bit of a mischief in the white jumpsuit – but it sure is beautiful.


You can spy the rest of the range below and indulge in a Viktor & Rolf wedding day dream…





Teese Me!

Teese Me!

It’s all about boudoir oooh-la-la with this scintillating selection for the service of seduction *does wordsmith back flip and twerks* too early for us to be that verbose?

Maybe, but we are lovers of super fine underwear – addicts in fact, you  never know one day you may find that Beyond Beyond is just boudoir and lingerie website only… forget shutter candy of the wedding variety.

Dita Von Teese Four

Today’s lovelies, are from the Von Follies summer collection that you can cop from ASOS & Debenhams – it’s almost worth being hit by car so that when they pull out the defibrillator they can coo over you wearing a lovely matching set from the Von Follies Collection.  We so crush on her and gorgeous underwear she has created for her new collection – as essential this summer as a vat full of ice cream (and just as delicious).

Dita Von Teese one

Dita Von Teese three

Dita von Teese two

Oh of course, you know us and you know what the title means! Spurious Chaka Demus and Pliers – lets go!

or some vintage Case and Fox Brown??? You pick!