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We Can Make it if We Try | How to Make a Pretty Fabric Clipboard

We Can Make it if We Try | How to Make a Pretty Fabric Clipboard

August 21, 2015  |  DIY, DIY Ideas, Found and beautiful, Inspiration  |  1 Comment
Today’s tutorial comes to you via ao.com, Caroline Rowland is here to show you how to make your own confetti!:
I first made these pretty fabric clipboards for my wedding earlier this year, when I used them for my table plan. Since then, I realised they could be reused at home by using them to clip some of our favourite wedding pictures to them.


You can dress up your office or desk space with these lovely fabric clipboards and keep organised by clipping your to do lists and reminders to them. Or use them anywhere in the home – perhaps with some favourite photographs or postcards clipped to them in the living room or hallway or as a kitchen task centre, creating one for each of your children to keep on top of homework or school schedules.
They are super simple and cheap to make and you could even use scraps of fabric and stitch them together for a patchwork look.
Here’s what you’ll need…
Thick card
Spray mount
Pieces of fabric
Lace trim
Bull dog clips (I got mine from Cass Art)
Pinking shears
Needle and thread
And here’s how it’s done…

Cut your card to approx 22cm x 18cm – you can use a bigger piece if you’d prefer a larger clipboard.  Place the card on top of your fabric and roughly cut the fabric a few centimetres bigger than your card. You can do this with normal fabric scissors.
Iron your piece of fabric nice and flat and then spray your card with spray mount and place it centrally on your piece of fabric. Using your pinking shears, cut closely to the card, it doesn’t matter if it overhangs a little.


Measure out the length of lace trim you need to run across the bottom and simply stitch this to the edge of your fabric.  Add your bull dog clip to the top.


Then all you need is some small tacks to hang them on the wall!  Make a few in contrasting fabrics and group together in a grid for a pretty display.
Will you be making Caroline’s Pretty Fabric Clipboards?  What kinds of things do you do to make your workspace a little prettier and more organised?  Do share in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!
The photographic glory goes to:  Caroline Rowland | Originally a Belfast girl, Caroline has lived in London since 2000. She has worked in photography and publishing for the last 10 years, during which she started Patchwork Harmony, a blog about interior style just for fun. This soon led to bigger things and in 2011 she launched 91 Magazine – an online publication featuring interiors, crafts and vintage style ideas.
With this bling | Break A Stone

With this bling | Break A Stone

Break a stone’s jewellery is so pretty it will break your heart! (see what we did).  This incredible little corner of the Internet, specifically Etsy dedicated to statement jewellery made of crystal and metal inspired by different cultures, fairy tales and fables, and by nature.  With incredible crystal witch rings featuring amethyst, white quartz, fluorite and Rutille, the intricate designs are the perfect accessories for your big day hooray.

Raw White Quartz Crystal Dainty V Shape Ring

On top of that you can be guaranteed that each piece of jewellery will be unique as all the crystals that are used are one of a kind, and you can get designs customised too.  No design is ever the same.  So here are a few of our favourite things!

Raw white quatz crystal triangle boho  gold necklace

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A Great Gatsby Kind of Mixtape Love | Songs for Daisy & Jay

A Great Gatsby Kind of Mixtape Love | Songs for Daisy & Jay

August 20, 2015  |  Inspiration, Music  |  1 Comment

Basically, we all know that this story doesn’t end well…
Daisy and Jay…

giphy 2

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Envy Never Looked so Good! Jolly Edition + Katie Wilson

Envy Never Looked so Good! Jolly Edition + Katie Wilson

We decided that for today’s design envyNene Leakes is our spirit animal… so she will provide the visual slayage for this post.

We were feeling ourselves, sitting at our desks like…

Nene leakes

doing our affirmations…


But, then disaster struck, Jolly Edition and Katie Wilson had the temerity to design this…

Jolly Edition

And our opinion on the matter is that this was an act of deliberate malevolence…

giphy (1)

But, there was more… really, there was more..


There was all of this…

Jolly Edition 2

Jolly Edition 3

Jolly Edition 4

We gave it all the eyeroll treatment…

giphy 3

So, thanks for ruining Monday we will see ourselves out now…

giphy 4

The design glory goes to Jolly Edition and Katie Wilson