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Best of the Wedding Guest | Giant Buns & Capes

Best of the Wedding Guest | Giant Buns & Capes

You know that we will never rest until you are the best of all wedding guests.    It’s time for you to pimp yourself.  Let us begin…


Forget Kardishian badunk and junk in the trunk.  This is real booty!  Meet our new friend Stephan from Kurt Geiger.

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Let Them Eat Dark Chocolate & Blackberry Cake

Let Them Eat Dark Chocolate & Blackberry Cake

September 7, 2015  |  Inspiration, Wedding Cake, Wedding inspiration  |  1 Comment

We were fixated on the chocolate; however you can pretend that it is healthy because of the fruit.  In any case how we love this delicious looking beauty from cooked.com.  You can check out the full details on how to make this exquisite Dark Chocolate & Blackberry Cake here.


But, maybe chocolate can be considered healthy… after all it grows on a tree doesn’t that make it a cousin of a vegetable for a fruit…. You don’t accept that?  Well, it’s our get out of calorie free clause and we are going to use it so help us God.

Lick you r lips, and don’t watch your hips y’all.

Dark chocolate and blackberry cake BY April Carter FROM Decorated PHOTOGRAPHER Danielle Wood

Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

September 7, 2015  |  Inspiration, Wedding Blog Love  |  1 Comment

Only in London could the autumn be warmer than the summer, we aren’t hating though it’s the venn diagram of Miami meets wherever the heck it is Autumn, but you are certainly not here for a weather report.  You are here because you are all about the link love, and other related things.  So, these are a few of our favourite things from the week that was.

DIY Country Wedding New Zealand via Junebug Weddings

Portraits of a Bride and Groom via Burnett’s Boards

Eden & Gerard via Brooklyn Bride

Unexpected Tips to Find the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams via Martha Stewart

Riverside Camping Engagement Session via Magnolia Rouge


Well, saw the documentary film over the weekend and got a portrait of an incredibly talented albeit troubled soul. But, it was a beautiful reminder of how phenomenally talented she was.  Amy Winehouse – Rest in Power.  If you are in San Francisco you can see the exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum.  Additionally for support around drug and alcohol abuse issues visit Frank (UK), Adfam for an international list please visit NCADD.

Mixtape Love is a Hip Hop mix by the third person loving me!  If you like your swear words and like the 90’s enjoy this mix that I put together a few weeks ago. See you in a while wedding crocodiles.

Drink, Dress, Dance No.11

Drink, Dress, Dance No.11

September 4, 2015  |  Hen Ideas, Hen night, Inspiration  |  1 Comment

It’s Fri-yay… are you folks ready for a drink, a dress and a dance?  We thought that you might be interested in that.  So, it is time for you to join us and our friends W&P Design .  It’s time for you to Drink, Dress and Dance!


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