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Envy Never Looked So Good!

Envy Never Looked So Good!

We aren’t going to Willy Wonka this ish… this suite for us has been a passport to pain.  It has hurt our hearts, souls and minds it has been more traumatic than the late night news, and self service checkout counters combined.

The passport to pain aka the wedding invitations of Chelsea on John – in fact we felt so bad after seeing this we rewrote the words to Happy.

Chelsea + John 1

We feel crappy

Clap along if you feel you can’t handle design truth

We feel crappy

Clap along if you feel like throwing yourself off a roof

We feel crappy

Clap along if you know what crappiness is to you

We feel crappy

Clap along if you feel like drinking what’s you wanna do

 an unoriginal arrangement plagiarised from Pharrell 

Chelsea + John 2

Chelsea + John 3

Chelsea + John 4

Give us an Ivor Novello, a Grammy, a massage, and a cake for that.  At least we can eke out a career and earn some shekels writing lyrics, or writing for food.   We might hate you for your design awesomeness Two if by Sea Studios but you’ve opened the gateway for us to become award winning lyricists, unless you can write songs too – and in that case we’ll be ready to fight MMA style.

*narrow eyes to slits and plots revenge*

The design and photographic glory go to: Two if by Sea Studios

Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!

Well what in the Wes Anderson do we have going on here?  We have Camp Tee Pee  Inspired invitation suite that is ridiculously slick. This wedding collateral has caused us collateral damage of the ego kind.

We could compare this to a deadly disease but that is too early a metaphor us to use. Reall wrong even for us. So no comparisons

However, to borrow an inappropriate metaphor from a rapper – they are all the best for inappropriate one liners.

Tore our heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer – thanks for that Juicy J and you can hear the whole wrong.com thing, and get to do some moral posturing by blaming hip hop and listening to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse.



Two hearts uniting should be uplifting but it’s not… when it looks this good (and we didn’t design it) it is blinking depressing

This has taken all our feels






Life is miserable.  Thanks for that Guts and Glory, Thanks ever so.

The design envy goes to: Guts and Glory

Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!

Eszter Laki 1

Eszter Laki 2

Eszter Laki 3

Eszter Laki 5

Eszter Laki 6

Eszter Laki 7

Eszter Laki 8

Eszter Laki 9

Eszter Laki 10This is low…

It’s bad enough when people design better than us…

But, involving the natural world in your design aspiration well all we can do is just make up swears and curse you from afar.

Look at all this *pick diety* damn brown paper prettiness. (We’d opt for God – Buddha damn doesn’t have quite the same effect).

Look at this custom stamp gorgeous invitation suite nonsense that Eszter Laki done did.

Eszter Laki 4

Look at all the freaking pretty

That has us feeling (_________)

*that’s in invitation to make your own poem right there.


Since we are in a recovery program and it’s too early to be drank… we are sulking into a cup of herbal tea.

The design glory goes to: Eszter Laki


Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!


Big tears, tiny tears, all kinds of tears.

Well considering the epic heatwave, this is one way to keep ourselves cool even if our envy is raging white hot.

So, can we give a side eye and a ‘damn’ to this rather delectable invitation suite.

Raxenne Maniquiz 2


All we can say is that thank goodness for the fact that is ice cream season as we can eat our feels guilt free.  The stationery suite glory goes to Raxenne Maniquiz.

Design so good it cuts like a knife we tell you,  like a knife!

Raxenne Maniquiz 1 Raxenne Maniquiz 3 Raxenne Maniquiz 4