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Best of the Guest: A Nude Interlude

Best of the Guest: A Nude Interlude

So, far so good – we are keeping up with our vow.  You see if you checked on the first person post yesterday you will see that it is a sensibly creative new beginning of sorts with lots of fab things coming your way.

There was first in a new series called The Place and we profiled MC Motors, and the incredible work of three photographers:  David McNeilNick Tucker PhotographyJoanna Millington

However , today we are about the face and the guest face at that! So this week is all about the nuddy nudism and we have the wardrobe, make up and whole enchilada with a little sour cream and guacamole on the side for you!

So here’s to shoes… technically these aren’t nude – they are a blushing rose!  A bit of a bling thing plus a safe chunky heel, we get the feeling these will get you through any wedding dance-a-thon!


Prosper High Heels from ASOS


An absolutely epic wedding – we lost our teeny tiny creative minds over the desert tables but this wedding had some of the most stylish guests ever, is that lime green dress an Aqua by Aqua number – our spidey senses tell us that it might be! See the incredible wedding of Amanda and Tim over on 100 Layer Cake.


Our dress crush of the moment is the super tasty Three Floor a new label is future forward and edgy fashion magic.  Perfect the guest who not only wants to cut a dash and stand out. Our personal favourite is the Motion Midi Dress, which is crepe sensational.


We love a nice simple nude make up look – way to trick people that you have runway flawless skin. So, we’ve got how to do a nude lip for medium to dark skin from Beauty by JJ

And for Caucasian skin check out this from Beauty Crush


Upside down you turn me – we like hair up but this is a topsy-turvy one with an upside down French braid bun from  your tress tutors for the day; Luxy Hair


So, the bride may be wearing some Tiffany box ring magic, but you can have your own bit of Tiffany with this Tiffany nail tutorial courtesy of Elle & Dish

Best of the Guest // & Other Stories

Best of the Guest // & Other Stories

Well, this morning dear ones – what can we say other than good morning to the lovely lot of you. This is the time when we gather you around and begin telling you fashion tales, and this morning we have a story to share… ‘& Other Stories’.


The beautiful, stylistic brain baby is the very cool and sophisticated big sister of H&M and we’ve got to say that we love the store. We had the chance to pop in and revel in their new store space on Regent Street, and it is chock full of all things lovely. Stunning cutting edge designs, modern accents, and a bucket load of stylistic swagger. & Other Stories, is putting the hurt on us in a magnificent way. So what are we digging like an old school record from this fashion palace of wonders – (oh and we are digital crushing on the beautifully designed website!)



Leather Ballerina Flats (we see a little heart action  – oh me, and oh freaking my how we love thee!) £69


We love this dress – it’s pink-tastic!


This is the one of the favoured few – not grabbed from our new favourite place in the whole wide world. It’s all about waves of a Marcel variety (especially because we will all be Daisy crazy with the event of the Great Gatsby later on this year, lovers). Tutorial from  Matthew Curtis

We keep saying spring won’t be sprung until the 20th, so all you crying people who are wearing out your kneecaps praying for spring/summer – need to let it go! However, although blossom is missing on the trees – you can have it on your nails. Get your cherry blossom on with this from cute polish.

Best of The Guest // Love in Leather

Best of The Guest // Love in Leather

Leather, Tears, and Berry Lips – We guess that makes it Best of the Guest o’clock!

Cry a little and sigh and little, emotions they are kind of good for you!  {image via the Wedding Community,  image by Andrew J R Squires Photography, see the full shoot here}

 Love in Leather

We need to be bejewelled, and we need a lot of darkness… aloha you gorgeous shoes!  Hamilton from Miss KG

 Love in Leather

We asked ourselves this question – is it possible to wear leather to a wedding without looking too much like you are about to cut a rug, like a thug, in a club.  Despite the fact that is the Kardashian’s material of choice.  Although, leather can scream vamp or friend of Kanye –  it is possible to make leather elegant enough to rock at a wedding.

Well you can, and that is courtesy of Markus Lupfer, the German born designer graduated from Westminister with a first class honours degree – it’s not the only thing that is first class, his take on leather is!  We love this collaboration that he has currently in a Land called ASOS.

This outfit manages to make leather both demure and fashion forward, with a geometric print we love this! ASOS BLACK By Markus Lupfer.  There are loads more leather delights in this collection – but the great thing about separates is that you can recycle them into different outfits later on.

{Image} Magazine: Elle Ukraine, June 2012 Photographer: Nelson Simoneau Model: Anastasija Kondratjeva {via Eyeshadow Lipstick}

Some Berry’s are surrounded by hoopla and involve restraining orders *innocent face*.  There are other berries, and we are fixated on Berry lips.  Here is our round up of tutorials that will show you how to get lippy with it, lovers! We have gloss eyes and Berry lips for Black skin via the talented Shirley B Eniang

And for you lighter beauties, we have a smouldering eyes and Berry lip tutorial inspired by Megan Fox via SMLXO

Inspired by that gorgeous Markus Lupfer image, we think that you need to experience more Fringe Benefits.  If you want to do an Uma a la ‘Pulp Fiction’ but don’t want to cut it up completely.  Then this is for you – a fake fringe tutorial from Charles Worthington.

Leather outfit means leather nails! We love this tutorial from Katie Holt

Best of the Guest // Mellow Yellow & Friends

Best of the Guest // Mellow Yellow & Friends

We love guests who put in photobooth duty!  Mean mugging  supreme {Image via Ruffled}

There are no words!!! It is all about these glitter-tastic shoes from Topshop

They have a sale on at the moment… yay!  However, the one dress that whispers softly in our ears and  say that it wants to come home with us, is this impressionist dress  from Anthropologie.

We wanted to try out something of a mellow yellow variety, it is doable and possible – yellow eyeshadow tutorial via Stacey Makeup

Oh, Bee-have hair! Gorgeous Beehive tutorial from Cherry Doll Face

Marvellous marbling! Try this dry marbling effect from Miss 80 million