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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

It’s getting to end of year fatigue time, am I the only one looking forward to doing the Gangster Lean in 2013???  Normally, time marching on scares the shizz outta me, I look at my gurning face like the Wicked Queen in Snow White, and contemplate who I need to kill as some form of ritual sacrificial Botox.

However, it is more as I’m looking forward to getting stuff moving forward personally and professionally.  Also, I am wrapping up the last parts of the magazine  Woopah!  I’ll have the drop date with you soon you lovely lot.

Also, I am truly, madly, deeply over these beautiful pictures – the story behind them is that 88 years later!!!! They had their wedding pictures done.  So freaking sweet, half of my teeth fell out looking at theses.

“Wu Conghan, 101,and wife Wu Sognshi, 103,posing for their first wedding photo eighty-eight years after getting married…Cameras were scarce in China in 1924when the two first tied the knot, so they

have no photos from their big day.”

Images via the Today Show

So, getting murder for looks, and the magazine update out of the way.  I guess that brings us to crushes, link love and stuff.

Well, last week we were about Solange, so stands to reason that I am going to keep it in the family, I love Bey! The. End. (I live vicariously and semi obsessively via her Tumblr)

Link love

For the big kid in you – Hip Hop style! Rap Colouring Book!

Nutella Pie Pops – SUPER NOM! via Call Me Cupcake

Kate & Alex’s Awesome Engagement – via Hifi Weddings

A super hero vintage wedding via Love My Dress

Marianne & Joachim an adorable New York Wedding via Merci New York

Oh and normally I do the fab five, but in a bit of narcissism and self love I am now a regular guest on the Love Luxe Blog today is about Macaroni cheese, Kendrick Lamar, and Autumn Love. Right here, y’all!

True + dat

Life is too short to be boring… be ridiculous, today’s wisdom via Marilyn Munroe

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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Well, good morning gorgeousness – how are we? Do you revile this Morning as much as I do?  To be honest I would much rather be in bed in my PJ’s watching SATC box set, and eating bonbons.  However, since pretty duty and work calls, I have no choice but to endure my horribly beautiful job of finding amaze photography, lovely stationery, and salivating of delicious cakes.  It’s a hard knock life *wink*.

This week’s girl crush has to be Solange Knowles; I love the bones of her.  I will always be crazy in love with Bey (yes that was the most obvious pun/song reference ever – but what the hell!  However, I adore Solange’s style, the fact that she walks of the beaten track, and she has carved out her own distinct niche in the world of her own fabulousness.

The fact that she has created a song with Devonté Hynes, and that her new video is the hotness pretty much explains all of the reasons why I love this lady.  You can spy with you little eyes, the video that has been making us sigh.

The Follow

For the most intriguing online meltdown since Charlie ‘Tiger Blood’ Sheen, you should follow Chantelle Houghton.

Link Love

Anna & Mirko via Rock n Roll Bride

May & Kelvin via The Boho Wedding Blog

A bright and bold barn wedding via Love My Dress

Fall Wedding Bouquets via Once Wed

Faceted Vase DIY via Oh Happy Day

 True Dat

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So, there I was walking through Anthropologie when I heard this song playing in the background, then the chorus came in ‘When it gets tough, pick yourself up and don’t give up’ – the song turned out to be  Happy Warriors by Jill Cunniff  who was also part of Luscious Jackson.

The things we want most are never easy, life can go from amazing to awful.  It can be hard when things are more faecal than a baby’s nappy.  But, pick yourself up and carry on. So enjoy this freeness which as ever covers all your little mobile devices.

Play that video below and hear  Jill Cunniff  – enjoy the music that inspired today’s wallpaper.



Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Well good Morning Monday People, are you, like me, sipping a coffee cocktail… straight no chaser?  If you’re not – have yourselves a seat, have yourselves a cuppa, and we’ll get on with proceedings.

As I stated last week, the new schedule has kicked in and I hope that is a better experience for you lovely lot.  One of the things that will be happening is that all events and announcements will be part of the Monday Lovely Monday segment instead. So, if here are any events feel free to fill me in and I will add it in this lovely post – just send me some email love on hello@beyondbeyond.co.uk

So, if it is a wedding fair, event, course or request it will now be part of  this post then I can get more photography and more love in as I realise that it’s easier to corral all of that good stuff in one extremely easy to find post.

Girl Crush of the week

Normally it would be one person but this week we crush on these two – Gywnnie and Diaz rapping. I + Love

This week’s Hero

If you jump out from space it makes you a boss like Rick Ross, super salute to Felix Baumgartner.


Link Love goes to

Top 20 from Boho  – (I hope the lovely Kelly is enjoying Morocco xxx)

A Colourful DIY Festival Wedding via RocknRollBride  – (Jealous of Kat’s New York-ness!!!)

Handy book and wedding stationery kickassery and advice – via Akimbo

Sweet surprise proposal via 100 Layer Cake

Let’s do Cocktails via Eat Drink Chic (can’t wait to see what the new site design looks like too!)


Monday Lovely Monday!

Monday Lovely Monday!

Well, good morning to you lovers I’m back from my relatively social media free weekend to say top of the rainy morning to you.  So, what is there to say other than mwahness and it is time to rise and grind and other associated good stuff.

As I previously mentioned I have been in the process of doing a life/zen/work sort out which means that there are a few tweaks that I’m working on behind the scenes.  Nothing major, but just little habits and things that will help keep me a bit more organised.   I am a big fan of sorting my cluttered mind so I have been doing a bit of schedule review.

My sage lessons that I keep revisiting is that you can change direction, or revisit things whenever you want so don’t feel obliged to stick to a path – change things if you need to.

My follow of the Week goes to: I think I’ve mentioned this website more than a few times but whenever I need a bit of clarity, inspiration and wisdom – I tend to head here, Zen Habits.

The Link Love fab five for The Week:

Secret Weddings: Congrats to Cat Deeley  + Patrick Kielty & Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman

Vigilante Paper Invitations via Brooklyn Bride

Roses and Ribbons via Bridal Musings

1000 Paper Crane Wedding via Boho Weddings and Events

Kaydee & Dallas via Belle Amour

True + Dat

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The weird thing is that  sometimes what seems like a setback can be the best thing ever, don’t worry about where you want to be, think you should be, or what you believe you should have.  You are exactly where you need to be, and where you are is just fine.

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