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Let Them Eat Dark Chocolate & Blackberry Cake

Let Them Eat Dark Chocolate & Blackberry Cake

September 7, 2015  |  Inspiration, Wedding Cake, Wedding inspiration  |  1 Comment

We were fixated on the chocolate; however you can pretend that it is healthy because of the fruit.  In any case how we love this delicious looking beauty from cooked.com.  You can check out the full details on how to make this exquisite Dark Chocolate & Blackberry Cake here.


But, maybe chocolate can be considered healthy… after all it grows on a tree doesn’t that make it a cousin of a vegetable for a fruit…. You don’t accept that?  Well, it’s our get out of calorie free clause and we are going to use it so help us God.

Lick you r lips, and don’t watch your hips y’all.

Dark chocolate and blackberry cake BY April Carter FROM Decorated PHOTOGRAPHER Danielle Wood

Drink, Dress, Dance No.10

Drink, Dress, Dance No.10

It’s Fri-yay… are you folks ready for a drink, a dress and a dance?  We thought that you might be interested in that.  So, it is time for you to join us and our friends W&P Design .  It’s time for you to Drink, Dress and Dance!

W&P Design - Tinto To_nico (3)

Tinto Tónico
Makes One Cocktail

3 oz red wine (preferably Spanish)
4 oz Boylan Heritage Tonic
1 strip lemon zest

1) In a red wine glass filled with cubes of ice, combine the red wine and Boylan Heritage Tonic.
2) Garnish with strip of lemon zest.

Photos & recipe by W&P Design

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Leopard Print Silk Dress  from Emma Willis Collection for Warehouse

Leoparad Print Silk Dress Emma Willis Warehouse

We are really dancing to a Jonas Brother… Levels from Nick Jonas

Backdrop it Like It’s Hot!

Backdrop it Like It’s Hot!

This is what our room looks like we have an exact replica of this dedicated for the taking of selfies.   Secret selfies, that no one see except for us as we are vainglorious enough to know that we deserve to have our faces immortalised, but too shy to actually put it all out there.  But, one day you will see us in our gold sequinned backdrop glory.

However, in the meantime if you are braver than us and really want to make the gold backdrop thing happen in front of a live wedding audience then you may want to head on over to modern celebrations and cop this sequin backdrop, it’s Liberace perfect.

Gold SEQUIN PHOTO BACKDROP Modern Celebrations

Also we did reference Snoop so do a little dance and drop it like it’s hot.

Can’t believe this track is 11 years old…


Let Them Eat Blackberry and Lavender Cake

Let Them Eat Blackberry and Lavender Cake

Well this is all BERRY nice… we had to put that in full caps in case you missed the obvious pun fun.  But, all crap jokes aside, Blackberry and Lavender cake could be the one – other than the other one who you should be getting hitched too!  See more morsels of magic over on The School of Styling where this rather smashing (and delicious) image came from.

Blackberry + Lavender Cake