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Backdrop it Like It’s Hot!

Backdrop it Like It’s Hot!

This is what our room looks like we have an exact replica of this dedicated for the taking of selfies.   Secret selfies, that no one see except for us as we are vainglorious enough to know that we deserve to have our faces immortalised, but too shy to actually put it all out there.  But, one day you will see us in our gold sequinned backdrop glory.

However, in the meantime if you are braver than us and really want to make the gold backdrop thing happen in front of a live wedding audience then you may want to head on over to modern celebrations and cop this sequin backdrop, it’s Liberace perfect.

Gold SEQUIN PHOTO BACKDROP Modern Celebrations

Also we did reference Snoop so do a little dance and drop it like it’s hot.

Can’t believe this track is 11 years old…


Do us a Favour | Let's Top That

Do us a Favour | Let’s Top That

It occurred to us that it should be a thing, a wedding thing to try rocking a cake topper as an alternative to the fascinator…

Oh, you think that it is a dumb idea – fine then we’ll keep it to cake pimping only.

So, if you want to top a cake and not your head you might fancy these pretties from Let’s Top that.

Let's top that 1


It’s a bit of scroll magic – although ‘Forever and Always’ might be an oxymoron to put on a cake that will last all of about 5 seconds, 3 tops if our mouths and it’s sponge and icing agenda have anything to do with it.

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Props Over Here: Michie May

Props Over Here: Michie May

Give us a décor or give us death!

No it’s not that serious but we do love a bit of mellow drama (as we don’t like saving it for our Mama).  However, we’ve been on the hunt for some prettiness in all fairness and we landed on these gorgeous little numbers from Michie May.

So, we hope that you play this while you look at these items… you know that it had to Bey, she’s our bae.

Fringe Cake Topper

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Props Over Here : Glitter Pop, Clink & Fizz

Props Over Here : Glitter Pop, Clink & Fizz

There is a plethora of goodness over at Z create Design, but we were in a glittery kind of mood this morning and this is all we needed to get the visual party started.  We adore these Glitter, Pop, Fizz – photobooth signs.  Get ‘em while they are hot!

Glitter Pop Fizz Clink Photo Booth Prop

Glitter Pop Fizz Clink Photo Booth Prop 2