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Best of the Wedding Guest | Giant Buns & Capes

Best of the Wedding Guest | Giant Buns & Capes

You know that we will never rest until you are the best of all wedding guests.    It’s time for you to pimp yourself.  Let us begin…


Forget Kardishian badunk and junk in the trunk.  This is real booty!  Meet our new friend Stephan from Kurt Geiger.

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Best of the Wedding Guest | Puppy + Heels

Best of the Wedding Guest | Puppy + Heels

Could you be the most beautiful guest in the world… (Beyond Beyond hits some high falsetto) we reworked that Prince Song just for you, well you could be if only you follow our masterplan that will send you to the stratosphere on the awesomeness scale.  We are here to ensure that you are on point, from head to toe.


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Best of the Guest | A Dress Called May + Izzy

Knock ‘em dead! We are down for #teamweddingguest and we want to help you get It fashionably on!


Totter on these Izzy 90 court shoes by Sophia Webster

You might want to bounce to this Jarryd James: ‘Sure Love’


Puppies make the best guests, check out this cutie from the DIY Palm Springs wedding of Matt & Aimee via 100 Layer Cake image by Melanie Osorio Photography



{image via uniquephotographyanddesign, via sunshinedelight}

Do some dark lips… with this tutorial from Jasmine Brown


Twirl in the May Scuba Cutaway Neckline Midi Dress from Boohoo


Can you speak French? You might not but you braid can.  Get your learn on with this French braid tutorial from Missy Sue

Check out this Bella Thorne style nail tutorial via Disney Style

Drink, Dress, Dance No.9

Drink, Dress, Dance No.9

We’ve got the dress and the music and W&P Design have got the drinks – time to Drink, Dress, Dance.

W&P Design - Tonic Cubano (1)

W&P Design - Tonic Cubano (2)

Tonic Cubano
makes one cocktail

1 shot Brugal 1888 Rum
1 slice lime
2 sprigs mint (1 for garnish)
2 1/2 shots Boylan Heritage Tonic

1) In a rocks glass, muddle the mint and lime slice until crushed.
2) Add aged rum and ice to fill the glass.
3) Top with tonic and garnish with sprig of mint

Photos & recipe by W&P Design

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Shoulder Splice Bodycon Dress

Shoulder Splice Bodycon Dress

This track by The Hurts is beee-yooooo-ti-fulllll!