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One Year On // the Marriversary Shoot of Brandi & Seth

One Year On // the Marriversary Shoot of Brandi & Seth

October 13, 2011  |  Anniversary  |  5 Comments

Shutter candy time, and the gorgeousness comes from minutes of love (what a great name eh?)  This time we are going to take a backseat and let you listen to the words of the lovely lady of the Lens – Katie, take it away!

This couple came to Atlanta from Alabama to celebrate their one-year anniversary. They were unable to have their engagement photos taken so they decided to celebrate their first year together.

Brandi, the new bride, wore a vintage lace shift dress from the 50s. And, Seth wore his grandfather’s suit. They opted to go barefoot in a local park with this great little woodsy area. I loved that they were so completely in love with one another- you can see it translate across the images.

Her ring is something I’d also love to point out. In the center, is a ruby instead of a diamond. How unique is that?!? Just loved the vintage look. I supplied the props as I am an avid thrift store shopper and believe it is a must in a photographer’s repertoire.

Oh, and did I mention that they brought their wedding cake? Ha, we each had a bite and surprisingly after one year, it was still delicious. 🙂

Time for you to drown your eyes in some loveliness… let us begin!

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Him + Her + Lots of Love

Him + Her + Lots of Love

May 10, 2011  |  Anniversary, Love Shoots  |  5 Comments

It has hit shutter candy o’clock over at Beyond Beyond towers, and the cuties in these images of beauty from the mega talented Lillie Brennan of Shutter and Lace.  These amazeballs pixels of lushness were shot this Anniversary shoot is of Lillie’s two best buddies, Jacqui and Josh (a Brisbane, Australia based music photographer).

The gorge locale is Newstead Park situated by the river in Brisbane, Australia right before sunset on a gorgeous Sunday in autumn.

Lillie said:  In terms of styling I asked them both to wear something that was truly ‘them’ and not something to dress up in for the sake of the shoot, which resulted in a combination of colours that seemed to ‘pop’ and tie the whole shoot together in a slightly retro style. For their picnic, Jacqui baked her delicious coconut macaroons and relaxed in the sun with their beloved pastime…Scrabble.

Although you might have seen a lot of Scrabble you can see some more, oh yes you can and not only will you like it you will love it because the Lillie is a great photographer! Picnics, sunshine and a whole lot of love; Time to soak your eyes in a big old tub of photographic lushness!  Shutter candy time!!!

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Danielle & Travis

Danielle & Travis

May 9, 2011  |  Anniversary, Love Shoots  |  5 Comments

So last week you may remember something rather amazeballs from Feather & Stone, if you have forgotten then you need to be beaten with a big stick.  But, since distance and abusing blog readers really isn’t cricket, then you need to follow this link.

Anyhoo, as you know when we featured them we were telling you about the fact that there we not one but two shoots, this is shoot deux (we went all French on you as number two implies something else and these pictures are freaking amazing! )

Today’s divine, delicious and delectable couple served up hot and tasty on a photographic platter are Danielle and Travis, and of course being monumental saps who get teary eyed over everything here is the story of the lovely couple:

We are a couple from Sacramento California and have been married 5 years. We originally met at a friend’s wedding, and became BFF’s soon after. After some years while I was in Italy Travis visited me as a surprise and romantically proposed on Ponte Vecchio in Florence. I know! See why I said yes? And the rest as they say is history!

Recently we were invited to do some volunteer work in Argentina in the Punjabi communities and as we love travelling, adventure, and languages we of course we jumped at the chance. We loved Buenos Aires, way of life, the pace, drinking Maté (Argentinean tea) walking the city exploring, the architecture, and most of all meeting new people (such as the Feather and Stone peeps who we now call our friends!)

We crossed the 5 year anniversary mark there and so we decided that we really wanted to get some anniversary photos done to celebrate and also as a special reminder of the amazing time we spent in Argentina together.

Time for the Beyond Beyond wedding fairies to take you to Buenos Aires, get your shutter candy on!

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10 Year Love // Nick & Anhly

10 Year Love // Nick & Anhly

April 18, 2011  |  Anniversary, Love Shoots  |  6 Comments

So we are just a little while off from the Springer landing (we mega girl crush Britt), and whilst this shoot is not about weddings we love it, it is spectacularly beautiful and all of you with long term boys and gals in your life now have photographic evidence to support the argument for having amazing pictures done at any point in your relationship.  And, and, and all of you long marrieds who yearn to get your glad rags on and do the whole pretty mugging for the cameras once again we hope that you are super inspired by this.

This lovely shoot is that of Nick and Anhly, who have been together for ten years and thought that the Springer was just the lady to capture their happiness.  These images capture the box fresh loved-upness that these fine two have for each other.  But, another thing that we love about Britt’s work is she has a way of making you feel the gentleness and the adoration that this cutiful duo have for one another.  So, here’s to the gorgeous Nick and Anhly – happy anniversary, and the mega talented Springer who we are going to hug to death after we have supped a pint with her.  Now you luscious lot, enjoy the cutiful!

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