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Retro//Spective: Feather & Stone

November 13, 2012  |  Australian Wedding, Love Shoots, Real weddings  |  3 Comments

Retro//spective :  Feather and Stone // May 2011
The Couple: Alex and Eliza
Location! Location! Location!: Australia
We were multiplexing: Water for Elephants
We were listening to: Burst Apart // The Antlers

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Retro//Spective: Feather & Stone

Retro//Spective: Feather & Stone

Retro//spective :  Feather and Stone // March 2011
The Couple: Ian & Sophie
Location! Location! Location!: Sydney // Australia
We were multiplexing: Never Let Me Go
We were listening to: Collapse Into Now // R.E.M

See this full shoot on Beyond Beyond

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Let's Go A-Wandering: Mythili and Luke

Let’s Go A-Wandering: Mythili and Luke

Some things in life are so good that they are named twice, and others so amazing that they need to be blogged twice! Wanderer Photography are absolutely incredible pixel purveyors and we were blown away by the outrageous gorgeous of this shoot!

The lovely and in love couple  are Mythili and Luke, and this wedding is full on culture fusion magic… as this is also featured on one of our fave wedding blogs Polka Dot Bride, we are gonna keep our edit of the stunning procedures sweet and petite and you can get all the little details and the skinny on how Mythili & Luke’s beautiful Sydney day came together.

So, since we are all about the visuals – let shutter candy commence!

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Trois: E hearts R

Trois: E hearts R

We had to mix up the title a bit, but there is little more to say other than this is unbridled eyeball molestation par excellence, truly beautiful, truly sundrenched, and truly stunning.  The one thing that we know for sure is that we love these photographs that Kelly Tunney has taken, and in other news we wish Emily and Rob exceptionally happy married landings. (Don’t for get to view 1.0 and 2.0 of this lovely duos wedding, lovers!)

So, we are off to disappear into a land of light, love and possibly chargrilled burgers.  Enjoy lovelies, have an absolutely magnificent weekend and we shall see you bright and semi early next week.  Deuces *mwah

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