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The Gorgeous Wedding of Gemma & Jay 1.0

Well this afternoon we have two hearts in two parts with the lovely images of Gemma & Jay coming from the lens of This and That Photography.

This and That shared: Gemma is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She has a good soul and I was honoured to be the one to photograph her day. To watch her marry her best friend who is so madly deeply in love with her. I cried my eyes out the entire day, watching Gem finally finally get what she deserves, total happiness. I love you guys.

On that beautiful note – it’s time for you to enjoy an amazing wedding.  Let part one of the shutter candy begin.

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A Quirky Little London Wedding

A Quirky Little London Wedding

We are renowned in these here parts for our way with words, but sometimes you don’t have the words you merely have images and a feeling – and the feeling (pull out the grater for one big old piece of cheese) is love.  For us, there is nothing better than the wedding day – all the months  of worry, planning, notes, internet searches,  crafting, dress trying, suit (or in this case kilt) alteration.   Then you reach the day, and a beautiful moment.

Laura Babb_0030


After the flurry of activity the day passes by in a gorgeous whirr and if you are lucky you’ll pick an utterly amazing photographer who is able to capture your moments, each subtle moment, all the nuances… captured forever.

Laura Babb_0027


That is the beauty of photography – it makes the important immortal.  In this lovely wedding that was shot by the talented Babb Photography (we call her Babbalicious) we have a wonderful fusion wedding that melds fusion of cultures, traditions and history into one beautiful day.  Welcome to the wedding world of Kerry and Graeme, at the Chiswell Street Dining Rooms.


(Quite literally a traffic stopping wedding –  they stopped Tower Bridge!)

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‘Love is timeless’ and ‘Love is ageless’ are two eternal truths that in an age obsessed, botox tainted, ‘pillow face’ world that we need to remember. The other important one is that love is something that everyone is entitled to, so in a industry that is normally focused on bright young things – let these images embrace you eyes and remind you that people other than the 25-34 age bracket get married.

In other news, it would be nice if we told you a little something about today’s lovely couple and their big day. For this part of events we’ll let the photographers, Ariel Renae Photography

 The wedding was completely Cape Code inspired! The bride, Toni, is from the Cape and Tom asked Toni to marry him while the couple was there on holiday. Every detail of this wedding was very thought through and important to them. From the cranberries to the sea glass to the ocean blue color palettes, the theme was a perfect way to celebrate this couples love story! And to tie everything together, we also photographed their wedding portraits at a gorgeous little sailboat harbor!

The couple rang in the New Year-Eastern time for Cape Cod of course-and had an amazing group of friends and family there to dance and celebrate the both the wedding and the start of 2012!

The flowers were arranged by Toni’s daughter, Annie, with mixtures of peonies, white hydrangeas, white roses and sprigs of cranberry flowers!

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Love Anonymous

Love Anonymous

Sometimes the unseen is more beautiful than the seen.  Leaving space for your imagination to fall and your mind to fill in the gaps, there are no names, no stories this is love anonymous captured by our favourite photographer Britt Spring.

This is one of those occasions where the missing information, shreds and fragments of a life are as lovely as the intimacy of details. So, there is no tale to be told other than the one that you craft in your imagination.  But, the rough story arc is that boy loves girl, girl loves boy and then they got married.  Time to let some anonymous love shutter candy begin!

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