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The Marvelous Marrakech Engagement of Giacomo and Laura

Damn, we have ourselves a case of the envies – in our wildest dreams – we usually imagine Henry Cavill/ Tyrese Gibson/ Michae B Jordan/Jared Leto… lays a big fat Tiffany box on us in Marrakech and declares us the one.

We need to say that Giacomo and Laura have totally stolen our dream scenario *thug tears*, however we congratulate them as it is always beautiful to see a couple move a dream into a reality; for this gorgeous couple had an amazing birthday surprise engagement in Marrakech, land of souks, spices and oud.

Aberrazioni Cromatiche studio shared Giacomo and Laura are from Italy. Giacomo organized a trip to Morocco, as a birthday gift for Laura. It was a surprise: she didn’t know the destination until a few minutes before boarding. They love Morocco, with its charm, many colors and fine cuisine.
The proposal day was very rich: Giacomo had organized everything. The day started with a cooking class at “La Maison arabe”, during with they learned to cook some  traditional Moroccan dishes. In the afternoon they relaxed in a typical hammam, and then strolled in the souks in the medina. At this time, Giacomo giving the ring to Laura.
A solitary with delicate design, but with a diamond full of light.
Can we have a collective ‘Awwwww’… *more thug tears* – what a romantic and utterly unforgettable birthday.  So, we wish them both a happy marriage and Laura, we wish you a belated Happy Birthday.  Let the shutter candy begin…
Giacomo and Laura Aberrazioni Cromatiche studio_0000
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Retro//spective :  Chris Spira Photography

Retro//spective : Chris Spira Photography

April 23, 2015  |  European Wedding, Real weddings  |  1 Comment

Retro//spective :  Chris Spira Photography / September 2013
The Couple: Susanne & Martin.

Chris Spira Photography_0013
Location! Location! Location!: Südtirol, Italy Ansitz Zinnenberg Bozen/Südtirol
We were multiplexing: Despicable Me 2
We were listening to: Drake Ft Majid Jordan Hold On/We’re Going Home

Chris Spira Photography_0001

Chris Spira Photography_0002

Chris Spira Photography_0003

Chris Spira Photography_0004

Chris Spira Photography_0005

Chris Spira Photography_0006

Chris Spira Photography_0007

Chris Spira Photography_0008

Chris Spira Photography_0009

Chris Spira Photography_0010

Chris Spira Photography_0011

Chris Spira Photography_0012

Chris Spira Photography_0014

Chris Spira Photography_0015

Chris Spira Photography_0016

Chris Spira Photography_0017

Chris Spira Photography_0018

Chris Spira Photography_0019

Chris Spira Photography_0020

Chris Spira Photography_0021

Chris Spira Photography_0022

Chris Spira Photography_0023

Chris Spira Photography_0024

Chris Spira Photography_0025

Chris Spira Photography_0026

Chris Spira Photography_0027

Chris Spira Photography_0028

Chris Spira Photography_0029

Chris Spira Photography_0030

Chris Spira Photography_0031

Chris Spira Photography_0032

Chris Spira Photography_0033

Chris Spira Photography_0034

The Wedding of Silvia and Alessandro 2.0

The Wedding of Silvia and Alessandro 2.0

September 24, 2014  |  European Wedding, Real weddings  |  5 Comments

Well, we had part one of this gorgeous couple yesterday,  and now we are back for the encore!  Here and now, through the magic of broadband technology (thank you geekery) we share the second part of the Wedding of Silvia and Alessandro.  Let’s enjoy the rest of the gorgeousness of the work of Les Amis Photos.  Let shutter candy 2.0 begin!

P.S Keep an eye out for the EPIC giant flan with the heart shape… it looks ridiculously delicious

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The Wedding of Silvia and Alessandro 1.0

The Wedding of Silvia and Alessandro 1.0

September 23, 2014  |  European Wedding, Love Shoots, Real weddings  |  1 Comment

Well, it’s time to end the day on a wedding type of vibe and showcase some supreme shutter candy.  This is going to be a two part flex and we cordially invite you to plonk yourself down with your choice of suitable libation and enjoy the beautiful wedding (this is part one by the way) of Silvia and Alessandro as shot by the lovely and talented Les Amis Photos. Can we pause and give it a loud ‘Awwwwwwwwwwwww’ for this cutie!

Silvia_Alessandro_Les_Amis_Photo_201424MAYSILALEWED2_low_Les Amis Photos

Les Amis Photos shared: Silvia and Alessandro have chosen to style their wedding in an elegant 50’s style, and have taken care of every detail. Beginning from clothes all the details were coordinated with a refined taste.

The original venue, of Chiostri of San Barnaba in Milan, gave to the event a touch of sophisticated, iconic place in the history of Milan.


You know how it works on Beyond Beyond – it is time to let shutter candy 1.0 begin!

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