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The Amazing Wedding of Poovra and Endre

It’s a gorgeous wedding kind of afternoon.  It is all about Poovra and Endre’s stunning day – we’ve got an elephant ride, oh yes! And in case you didn’t catch it you might want to see these amazing images of their engagement.


Incredible traditional outfits


All of which have been captured by Candid Tales.

Candid Tales shared: The photo-story starts by the Groom entering the wedding venue, the groom is welcomes by the Bride’s family and the sisters of the bride make the groom pay some amount to enter the venue. The Bride enters after a while; she’s brought in by the brothers.  The wedding ceremony includes the seven pheras.

So relax wedding lovers and enjoy this beautiful day – let shatter candy being!
















The photographic glory goes to: Candid Tales

The Spectacular Engagement of Poovra and Endre

The Spectacular Engagement of Poovra and Endre

This is the type of engagement shoot that superlatives were made for – thedigital lushness gracing your screens this afternoon comes from the lens and imagination of Candid Tales.

We nearly disappeared into miasma of alliteration because of the feels and chills that this shoot gave us – so we’ll throw out the following and get it over and done with…

Perfect pixels

Awesomely amazing

Enchantingly engaging

Since, we’ve got our need to be overly verbose and dispensed of the scrabble winners we can share a bit more on the couple.  The people that you are meeting (digitally at least) are Poovra and Endre – this is the pre shoot for their utterly stunning wedding that you will have the chance to peruse from the comfort of your desks on the morrow.


However, for today it is all about the stunning engagement shoot each shot has the power to stand on its own – they are stunning digital frescos that use incredible backdrops and composition to create a world of love where only this couple exists.


These are so epic that these should be on a big screen in a cinema whilst you munch on popcorn kernels, there is something so cinematic about these.  But, I guess your tablet or desktop will do.  So, enjoy the visuals of Poovra and Endre and we will have more fantastic pixels of these two on Tuesday.

Let sublime shutter candy begin!

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The India meets Japan Hint of Hawaii Wedding of Ken & Ami

The India meets Japan Hint of Hawaii Wedding of Ken & Ami

Ain’t no wedding like an eclectic wedding we have smidgen of Hawaii, some traditional Indian (specifically Gujarati) and a hint of Japan – all together it makes wedding awesome!  And it is straight from the lens Jamie Zanotti Photography of The be-yoooo-ti-ful bride shared:


“Ken and I met back in February 2011. I am from outside of Philadelphia, PA, and was making my way across the country to try a new city and Ken had moved to Portland from Honolulu, HI, where he grew up.

Our first date was at Tea Chai Te, and we hit it off as we shared mint moroccan green tea and 2 hours of conversation. Things took off from there, and the following year, Ken proposed at Kelley Point in North Portland, representing how we came together in Portland from such distant origins just as the confluence of the rivers come together at Kelley Point.


It wasn’t long before we were preparing for our wedding. Ken is 1/2 Japanese and has been studying a Japanese style of flower arranging, called Ikebana, for 8 years. He, along with his sensei (teacher) and a few helpers, arranged all of the flowers and planned the set-up for our wedding all in the style of Ikebana. I am of Indian heritage and so the actual ceremony and dress was of traditional Gujarati (the ethnic group in India to which I belong) style. Building on this immersion of cultures, we decided to have Japanese food (sushi), Indian food (samosas and chaat), as well as American food (Pizza!) at the wedding.”

Time to let shutter candy begin!

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The Rainbow Handfasting St Patrick's Day Ranch Wedding of Brandy & Brian

The Rainbow Handfasting St Patrick’s Day Ranch Wedding of Brandy & Brian

This post is fit to bursting with wedding goodness we tells you!  And for today’s forays in ocular treats we are taking you to the rather epic wedding of Brandy and Brian (see how on brand they are for our blog their names begin with ‘B’)

This gorgeous farm wedding took place on St. Patrick’s Day – it’s time for us to now handover to the Lens Queen, who is responsible for the eye candy:


Rather than getting dressed in the old farmhouse where she got ready, Brandy and one of her bridesmaids bravely trooped outside with her wedding dress and Brandy put on her gown under a sturdy old tree overlooking a farm pasture with running horses.

The wedding took place on St. Patrick’s Day, and featured a rainbow fasting, where different important people in the couple’s life stepped forward and wrapped individual ribbons (red, orange, yellow, and green, blue, purple) around their clasped hands. It was truly a celebration of all cultures and traditions.


Because they married on St. Patrick’s Day, Brandy & Brian incorporated the color green everywhere into the design elements, from Brandy’s shoes to the girl’s bouquets. (Which Brandy and her bridesmaids made themselves that morning.)

As Brandy’s father had passed, she was escorted down the aisle by her brother, and had a “brother-sister” dance. They both became very emotional during the dance, and her brother openly wept. It was beautiful.

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