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Charlotte & Andre

February 11, 2013  |  Love Shoots, Real weddings, UK Weddings

Multicultural Wedding with the cutest little kid in the world ever! We thought that you might like the sound of all of that. Well, this is going to be a two parter, and you will get to step into the wedding world of Charlotte and André – so to whet the visual appetite, you can get ready today and we will have Charlotte’s words and you get to see the little cutie that we mentioned.

Time to see the beautiful before, and isn’t Charlotte’s headdress utterly amazing? Yes?  Immerse yourself in these juicy pixels from Clair Estelle… NOW!


The photographic glory goes to: Clair Estelle

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  1. Don’t usually go for headdresses on the bride but this one works. Nice touch xoxo 🙂

  2. stunning photos! really great work!!

  3. Beautiful. I like the style of the wedding.

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