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Let Dahl Tell You a Bridal Story

Let Dahl Tell You a Bridal Story

We have to say we automatically love the name Dahl for one big reason, Roald Dahl our favourite author who fills us with fluffy memories of sitting on retro deep red carpet, with the lovely paisley pattern (you know the one, we all know the one), while assuming a pose that would make most yogis jealous, in order to read through the BFG, Matilda, or The Witches.

However, this time the only storytelling that concerns us is that of about the fashion story of the incredible Dahl; an NYC based Bridal Fashion label, so which of these fashion tales are whispering sweet words into our eyes?  We’ve picked three of our faves… and photography…. is absolutely dreamy!  Bridal gorgeousness from Dahl.

Top to Bottom: Purple Champagne Wedding Gown with Cap, Tiered Silk & Lace Tulle Vintage Retro Wedding Gown, Ivory Empire Waist Sheath Wedding Dress

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