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These goregeous images from CandySnaps were overflowing with so much goodness we just had to two part it and give you day and night. (Kid Cudi is burnished on our brains and we keep singing that while putting this post together, your annoyed now aren’t you ‘cause your singing it too). The best part of these shots for us apart from the Bride and Groom obviously are the cutesy little touches. We are so loving the knitted cake toppers & knitted cake, and although some are put off by hirstute shenanigans we love a bit of moustache action.

Laura and Dave’s humanist ceremony just has a lovely vibe all the way through and there is a great feeling of affection seeps through each pixel. A gorgeous couple on their most gorgeous of days, snapped by the equally gorgeous Caroline who has laughed at our terrible jokes. Watch out now, here comes the day!

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  1. yay kid cudi! and caroline! and lovely photos! and love! and weddings! yay!

  2. Cute wedding! I have to get one of those umbrellas!

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