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The Dopeness Digest // Bumper Edition

April 24, 2011  |  Inspiration, Wedding Blog Love

So, as you know we kind of skipped out on you lovers last week.  We left you without some Sunday dopeness to step to, but your health is your wealth as Mama would say.  So, it was only due to the evils of hayfever, streaming eyes and a bleeding nose that we weren’t providing you with the good stuff.  This week we are back with a bit of a mega love list as this is almost a fortnights worth of all the stuff that we have been loving and lusting over in blog world.

So, if you aren’t gorging yourself on chocolate or indulging in all the treats that you couldn’t have during lent – then get it on with our list of dopeness.

Ray and Malcom

A Goat Farm kind of Wedding!

Lizzy + Noah

A Perfectionist Weds

Ilka and Mars

Lina found via We heart it

Sophie hearts Jarod

Heather, Erik and a whole lot of purple

Nelis plus Xandris

Floating lights

A Whimsical Wedding

Kitty Gallannaugh via We Heart it

Erin and Eric

Rock the Hijab

Louisiana Yellow

An Ian Stuart Bride

Marisa plus Adam

Sweet Hooligan She on Deviant Art

It glows in the freaking dark!!!!

Boudoir Badassery

Pearls and Feathers

Super Styled Shoot from Bow Occasions

Once upon a Peacock

Jason G Wedding Photography

It’s all about Oreo cake baby!

Magpie Paperworks {Design envy shudder}


A comic book kind of love

A super sweet 70’s inspired shoot

A Ribbon of Mediterrania

Glamour and Grace

All that glitters

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  1. awesome, thank you! some delicious procrastination right here! work to be done? what work?!

  2. Thank you for linking to my blog sweet pea! I hope I see you soon. If not, there’s always Octooooooober! Yeeha! 😉 xXx

  3. Kerry – what work indeed? x
    And gorgeous Annabel – anytime sweets x

  4. Thank you so much for the link love! Hope we finally get to meet soon.

    Louise x

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