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The Dopeness Digest // The Week That Was

OMG we are almost upon September, even though it was many moons ago we still get the vapours at this time of year; as the days of scraping together pennies to give to the ice cream van man, and long days of endless play in the park came to the end – it meant that school was back in session (boo hiss) and starched uniforms and white shirts were back in full effect, althought we did love having to get a new pencil case – pristine erasers, and that new pencil case smell always made us super happy. But, we are going to school you on some wedtastic finds instead, time for the week that was!

Nevada comes to Blightly; Emma & Vincent – via Love My Dress

French wedding video loveliness – Oh So Coco

Parlez vous francais – doesn’t matter the cutness speaks for itself – La Mariee Aux Pieds Nus

Before you get to the marriage part – should you even be dating??? – Super Funny

On our word these are oodles of cuteness cupcake liner trees!!!! – Domestifluff

He does it again and amazing wedding shoot from Jonas Peterson (with some added help from Erik I am poser)

A very cute and luscious duo – A Jewish Wedding shot by Emma Case

Romina and Richard’s gorgeous wedding – Lawson Photography

Stinkingly gorgeous invites by Sara Giessen – via Style Me Pretty

Beautiful underwater shoot that had us saying OMG – via OMG I’m getting Married

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  1. God bless my husband for being that special person they annoys him daily. Nice pics, would love to have been proposed to in a dramatic way.

  2. Very nice design and fantastic subject material , nothing at all else we need : D.

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