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Easy peasy D.I.Y

May 6, 2011  |  DIY, DIY weddings, Inspiration

This D.I.Y Revolution will not be televised
This D.I.Y revolution will not require you getting up at stupid o’clock and fighting your fellow man tooth and nail for paint and nails
This D.I.Y revolution will not require giving up most of your weekend and crying about the flakes of paint in your hair
This D.I.Y revolution will not feature Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen or any of the team from Extreme Makeover: Home edition*

It will just require you – some card and scissors and you can get your homemade flowers on for full deets on this DIY teach get thee gone to Cardgirl Invitations and see the end result via Dozi Design as Wendy is the original genius behind these.

*We would like to offer our sincere apologies to Gil Scott Heron for ruining a classic – but he had to be sacrificed in the name of blogging!


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  1. Beautiful rose idea there – and I love Gil’s afro in that shot!

  2. This is a wonderful tutorial, thanks a bunch!

  3. Joe – Gil has the best fro in the world 🙂
    Hannah – So glad that you like the tutorial!

  4. Beautiful rose diy! I am going to share it on facebook.

  5. Great blog!!
    I know today and its fantastic!!

  6. I had forgotten where I had first seen this technique, so when I happened upon this page again I had to give credit where credit is due. Inspired by this technique, I made a food version of this flower– crepe roses. Delicious and pretty. Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. Thanks, Ams! Food garnishes can only use pretty simple techniques, so this one was perfect. I’ve also used the crepe roses to top a cake with pretty (and edible) flowers. So much fun!

  8. im confused. its pretty but i thought it would show u how to do this.. smh

    • Hey Cherise, you are basically rolling the paper into a flower so once you cut the circle roll it up tightly and the huzzah you have yourself a flower. Hope that helps and feel free to message me if you still aren’t quite sure 🙂 Also the link to the full post is included in my write up.

  9. Wow..super easy! thanks alot..now card making is going to be alot more fun! 🙂

  10. Easy peasy D.I.Y – Beyond Beyond | Beyond Beyond http://gawk.in/jsQ3RG

  11. i like this: so simple and can be done using fabric also!

  12. Love this! I am going to try to make a bunch for a wreath. Found your post from someone pinning it on pinterest 😉

  13. Planning a wedding? How about this easy peasy paper flower DIY http://t.co/P4lLW3TE

  14. RT @folksy: Planning a wedding? How about this easy peasy paper flower DIY http://t.co/P4lLW3TE

  15. how do you glue them together,,, if i wanted to add a stick, to put on a vase as a centerpiece for a baby shower, how would you recommend me to do this???

  16. Looks great and super easy to make!

  17. great tutorial. making things is always satisfying.

  18. Beautiful and easy to create.Thanks.

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