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Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!

Dear Little Baby Jesus,

How are you, your birthday is coming up soon isn’t it… well we may have to revoke the present that we were going to give you – as you have reneged on the pact that we made 25.12.2011. 

You know the one, the one where we swore on that book that is filled with many well meaning intentions, but you know in real life won’t work out the way that you want it to. No, not ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, but the Bible.

We coveted, we’ve murdered (albeit via the mode of either fantasy of video games, not actually – as although we like consuming porridge; preferably with honey or copious amounts of golden syrup.  Doing ‘Porridge’ doesn’t work for us – also we are waaaaaaaaay too pretty for jail).

But, we thought you had our back on the design front – so *inverted commas* thanks for letting, The Tiny Red Factory, usurp us with their design skills that pay the bills.  Because, you know seeing people succeed and create great design always makes us happy.

Next time, we’ll just speak to your Dad instead, he understands the concept of smiting and striking people down in a more effective form. 


Beyond Beyond

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The design glory goes to: The Tiny Red Factory

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