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Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!

We’ve featured their work before, but it is time to feature them again.  Can we show some love to this amazing love alphabet invitation design for Ander & Maria aka Le Caja de Tipos, and we are perusing and pixel loving this set which they designed for their own wedding day.

Yes, we know what you are thinking why are you slushier than a slush puppy, well we got up on the right side of the bed this morning, got a seat on the train, had a nice breakfeast (yes that isn’t a typo feast lovers, not fast), and for various manifold reasons that are too long winded to explain – we are in a nice place.

Don’t worry like a sunny day, or a song that you don’t’ like – this too shall pass – we are never normally this nice to anyone (not even the parental units get this niceness).  However, this beautiful executed design is what good design dreams are made of.  We loves it!

The rest you’ll have to view the full shebang on Behance and it is worth the visual journey as it is many kinds of awesome.

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  1. Beautiful typography on these invitations. Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica x

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