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Feather Love // London & Belgium Workshops

July 29, 2011  |  Events, Inspiration

Now as you know last week we stated our adoration for Feather Love Photography.  We discovered Feather Love on one of our other blog stalking hangouts Rock n Roll Bride; and our teeny tiny minds were completely blown away by Noa’s work.

It is truly beautiful, and the great thing we love about this ‘new age’ of wedding photography is that work of Noa’s ilk is more fine art, lifting it above typical wedding photography – many of the images that she creates are gallery worthy.  If we are facing ecological Armageddon, and a million years later the aliens find a time capsule as the only reference of our existence – we hope it contains some of Noa’s work so that the Aliens no just how creative we were!

So, you are wondering what is all this gushing about aliens and Armageddon’s, well the point we were gently meandering to is that Noa is running a fantastic photography course here in the UK and if you fancy hopping across the channel Noa will be in Belgium too… This September!

This year, and if you want to learn from this wedding portrait photography master you need to get yourself signed up!  So, give your eyes some ocular treats by viewing the gorgeousness created by Feather Love and then get thee to Noa’s site to learn more about the course and to get yourself booked!

The photographic glory goes to: Feather Love

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  1. my upcoming workshops in London & Belgium featured on Beyond Beyond!! "aliens & armageddon" etc… http://fb.me/CkBAxtKx

  2. Feather Love // London & Belgium Workshops Beyond Beyond | Beyond Beyond http://fb.me/SAbdJ30V

  3. Wow, I’m loving the look created by Feather Love, really good to see something a little different out there, we need photographers with an edge and these aer great! Glad you put these up.

  4. Feather Love // London & Belgium Workshops: http://t.co/fZDpzxm via @AddThis

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