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Best of the Guest // Coast

Best of the Guest // Coast

Kick, and push, and Coast

You are probably wondering what Lupe Fiasco has to do with a post about Coast (ha! Rhyming by accident it’s like we have lyrics to go today!) But, this is a rather spurious link for two reasons… one we are going to got in guest crazy up in here, and the range we are talking about is Coast!

Apart from the back this little elegant jewel of the high street is opening a new store, they also have a stunning new range which has ‘wedtastic’ stitched into every glorious, seam and hem.  Cop a load of these pictures.  Can we get a fashionista ‘Amen’!

From top to bottom: ‘Antoinetta’ top, £70, and ‘Azelia’ skirt, £110, ‘Carletta’ dress, £195, ‘Tina’ maxi, £450

And our pick… well we believe in having feathers to shake a tail feather so the dress that is our sartorial weapon of choice is this one.  How delightful is this eh? eh? eh?

Doreen’ feather dress, £275

Image credit: Dior

In makeup terms we are all about the flick, and you know us we never steer you wrong for those who like to cheat, then Dior are your go to kids for these stick on flicks available at Selfridges

However if you are hand and dandy then you might want to try this tutorial that we spied from Destiny.  Don’t just flick… double flick!

Well j’adore Dior and we happen to love this look a lot.  Roll it up lovers, roll it up.  You can spy how this gorgeous bit of coiffure was pulled together on Vogue.com it’s a whole lot of Kirby grip going on!

Dropping another visual jem from the rather awesome A Polish Addict.  Gradient and Sparkles for the win!

As this post was delayed by Cupcake shenanigans, by the way it was Oreo from Lola’s (you need to know the info) we figured that it made sense to have a dessert related pressie.  We love this Classic Cuddings Wall Art from DotComGiftShop, a pressie that is literally the sweetest ever.



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  1. Beautiful dresses!

  2. Ah, I am so in love with the new Coast dresses. Looking forward to seeing them turn up on bridesmaids as well as guests this season!

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