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Best of the Guest // H&M Glamourous Concious Collection

Best of the Guest // H&M Glamourous Concious Collection

Welcome to hump day you lovely fashionistas, you gorgeous lot – it is outfit time and do you know who is killing if for the second time in best of the guest we have to doff our caps to H&M who are thrilling us with their new range – The Glamorous Conscious Collection.

Which very nearly rendered us unconscious and required us to have a big old dose of smelling salts; we Love all of these – and if Hollywood loves it, then of course it is guest worthy!  So far Michelle Williams and Viola Davis have been rocking these lovelies – So get ready for April 12th when these lovelies will be released in 100 stores worldwide only!

Some of these are wed-worthy – interesting maybe the dress for the big day might be from H&M, there will only be 1000 pieces of each dress – they are limited editions once gone, they will never return again!

It had to be all about the ruffles, seriously – there will be a wedding shoot this year that has a bride wearing this dress and we for one can’t wait to view it!

The photographic glory goes to Amber Gray Photography

Get your make up on with the tutorial from The Makeup Chair…

Well, since we are going texture crazy – we love these crazy bubblicious nails courtesy of Ciate.  These beauties are all about the super luxe and surely a dress this luxurious and textured is deserving of nails that are equally textured.  Love the decandance of these!  Don’t eat caviar lovers – it is all about the nail caviar!

These beauties haven’t been released yet – but they will be priced at £18 and these lovelies come in White, Black, and multicoloured goodness!

It should be about making waves old school fingerwaves and Lana Del Rey inspired waves

Something cutiful and beautiful for the newlyweds to lay their lovely heads on – yup we think that this works!!! The just married Pillow Case Set fromTwisted Twee via  Not on the High Street

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  1. WOW! Love all of it the dress is amazing and the nails OH MY WORD! Such amazing picks Amma!!!!

  2. Love all of this!

  3. The dress ruffle is amazing I can’t believe that it is from H&M!

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