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Best of the Guest // A La Moda

Best of the Guest // A La Moda

This week lovers and lovees ‘tis about Vera Moda, it kind of helps that one of our girl crushes the Chung is the face of the brand *soft wolf whistle for Alexa*.

However the main reason why we love Vera Moda, is it is the perfect mix of modern minx and class act.  Hurray for the new A/W range, there was allegedly a Spring Summer – but since the sky has been more grey then fifty shades, and the sun has been like an absentee Dad – very much wanted but rather unreliable.  So, let’s delve in to the new season pretties.

So what are we feenin… hello spurious Jodeci!

Well we this is the dress that we want… hello Babs!

image via: Cinepages

No, not you Windsor

This lovely Barbara, this is what we’re all about! – The Barbara Dress… we love the flash of Grey on the back.

{image via Indian Vanity Case}

We love a bit of purple lip and we are dedicated to being purple-trators… do you like that? You don’t like it? You’re sliding under your seat in despair over that last joke, so far in fact that people think that you are doing the limbo… we ain’t sorry!  You’ll find that all is forgiven once you check out these gorgeous purple lip tutorials.

For English Roses to Kardashians

For Brown Skin Ladies

Image via: Hairstyle by: Sally Brooks Photograph by: Jenny Hands Salon: Brooks and Brooks, London

Be present and correct with this hairbow tutorial from hair Maestro, John Frieda!

Image via Glitta Gloves

Tell your cuticles that is it Ombre time!  Slap it on and get them nails pimped!  Get inspiration from Glitta Gloves, but of course if you need a video… here it be on Beautylish

So now, here we are and onto the present… you know that they say you get to an age when you are too old for nightlights and rainbows… fug that!  We believe in rainbows at any age!  Rainbow projector from Urban Outfitters

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  1. Thanks for the ideas, and making me laugh at the same time! Love you Amma!

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