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Best of the Guest // Being Nauti

Best of the Guest // Being Nauti

Let’s sail away…

This weeks Best of the Guest is some seriously inspired Nauti-cool of the nautical variety. We blame this post we did earlier this week once we saw this jewellery we knew that the next Best of the Guest had better have some of that good sailor stuff in it.

Gotta have another spurious track *winks*

So lovers it is outfit time…

The outfit is: 1.Miss Sixty Nautical Dress, 2. Chilli Dog from Irregular Choice 3.Nautical Charm Bracelet from Lipsy 4. Tatty Devine Pearly Anchor Necklace 5. Knightsbridge bag – Mark B

Well, we’ve done the red eyeshadow thing already but we think that you need some blue magic in your life… check out this article to the ultimate alchemy to make any eyes blue!

Image Julia Stegner via Le Fashion



Ahoy maties… we love this tutorial from cute polish!

Well lovers, it is all about making waves… get your hair did!

And if you are an Afro Kid who wants to do it Corrinne Bailey-Rae style… go here (sooooo sorry lovers, this one can’t be embedded!)

We don’t think that this is the Jelly that Destiny’s Child didn’t think that you were ready for… but we hope that you like Jelly fish… Screen Printed Jelly fish cushion from Blacklight Art and Design and on that last spurious references… you can drop like it’s hot at you desk… deuces.

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  1. I love this post. Great inspiration.

  2. Love the nails so cute!

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