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Best of the Guest // All Saints and Sinners

Best of the Guest // All Saints and Sinners

Oh we are all a little tainted aren’t we, but we’ve found a sartorial route to sainthood.  Forget ‘Hail Mary’s’ and ‘Our Fathers’ your clothes will make all the atonement that you need.  As you can be an All Saint.

We are all about All Saints in todays best of the guest edit.  Oh and we can’t not have some spurious All Saints.

Since we can pretty much ignore any  delusions of Summer lasting anymore that 2 – 3 hours maximum, every  other fortnight – then focusing on Autumn wear isn’t as depressing as it could be!

Our pick has to be the Diaghilevi Dress, with it’s blingy little friends we love the Centeme Earrings, and Centeme Bracelet.

The photographic glory goes to: Eyeshadowlipstick.com

We are all about deep purple eyes. So, if you want to find out to rock this look then you might want to have a goosey gander at this tutorial from Queen of MUA.

Image credit: Rex Pictures

The hair is all about Kriss Krossing – but it has nothing to do with jump.  We love this segmented ponytail.  Pimping a basic ponytail beyond the mundane and giving some good crossover.  You know us, if you want to know how to get the do did.  Grab a comb, create your sections, start with the ponytail at the top, working your way down and adding more sections. Et Voila lovers, triple pony!

The photographic glory goes to: pshiiit.com

Its crouching tiger, hidden nail colour – you can always flip on them.  Inspired by Louboutin we love these red bottom nails.

We hope that this is heartwarming, and not heart freezing, but we love this cool (we swear no pun intended) giclee frozen heart print from Angela Callahan


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