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Best of the Guest: Temperley + Monochrome + Neon

Best of the Guest: Temperley + Monochrome + Neon

Good Morning with a hint of coffee tainted yawning, how are we? Good? Not so Good? Mediocre? Well, whatever the state of you today it is guest fashion fix time!  So, we are checking out the best for the guests!

This morning we love guests who have sparklers… this wedding, well we licked our lips at the gorgeousness of the pixels.  See the full deal of Lynette & Gris on Green Wedding Shoes.

There are no words, on the sound of the defibrillator rousing us from the dead, fyi – St Peter is shorter that we expected in afterlife.  Amazing, truly utterly amazing shoes from Alejandra G.

Well, we’ve said more than once that we are world travellers on this fair blog – however, we are going to be a little closer to home.  Somerset in fact, for we are drooling of the dress delights of Alice Temperley. Her collection which is exclusive to John Lewis, is filled with all kinds of pretties that are wedding guest perfect.

And our outfit pick…a little bit monochrome, and if you need to add a fashion fillip to bring this smack bang up to trend – throw a bit of neon on this in terms of the accessories… and BAM, you will win the guest throw down (don’t lie to yourself of course it’s a competition…one that we want YOU to win).

Image via Nasima’s Journey

So, we kind of mentioned adding a flourish of neon to lift this up… you may not want to do this with accessories, but you can do this with your make up! We love this look from L.A.M.B. at Mercedes Benz Fashion week circa 2010 (‘twas a good year).

We won’t leave you hanging on the tutorial front watch and learn how to do neon eyes with Pixiwoo

Image via Glamour Magazine

Poker straight, poker straight,
My tresses are poker straight,

A Beyond Beyond Rework of Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Instead of giving you a tutorial that is as demanding of your motor skills as open heart surgery, today we’ve opted for nice, straight, and simple.  So if you wanna know how to straighten your hair let’s do European hair – from IdgafCosmopolitan

And how to straighten Afro hair

Let’s pimp those nails, neon and stained glass – oh + hell + yeah! From Luxurious Nails (P.S We LOVE her accent)

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  1. Oh my, so much gorgeousness in one post! Swooning over the gorgeous neon eye make up and as for those killer shoes – phwoar!

  2. Oh, I love this feature!

    those sparklers look so much fun, I love seeing guest participation like this at a wedding. And those shoes are amazing!

    Thanks x

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