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Normally, say the word hybrid and the smug spectre of a greener than thou vegan, pious Prius owner, wearing clothes made of hemp that have neither been mass produced or bathed with the furtive tears of child workers.

Can’t you just picture them hitting the accelerator pedal with their vegetarian shoes, made in a very nice factory where employees don’t threaten to kill themselves en masse (oh Billy Gates *shakes head* that just isn’t cricket!!! This once again proves the superiority of Playstation *does inappropriate celebratory Harlem shake*)

However, when we say Hybrid we mean it only in reference to this super hot dress  £85 for the bride with more dash than cash (or more cash than Damon Dash, Oh Dame we know you have one BIG financial problem as opposed to Jiggas 99, why can’t you be friends again…eh?)  Sorry kids, as we were beautiful, bargain, budget dress from Hybrid by way of ASOS… L.O.V.E!


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I'm the big kahuna with the whole shebang. Amma = Idiot + Savant. Also known as Ams, Amsy, and less frequently Adjubi . Nice to make your acquaintance. I write in the first, second, third and sometimes disembodied person (Bet it will confuse the life out of you).



  1. Love the dress and thanks for making me laugh!

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