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Janet Mohapi-Banks 2012 Collection

Janet Mohapi-Banks 2012 Collection

February 13, 2012  |  Inspiration, Wedding food, Wedding inspiration

Well done, you brave little souls we are at the 3pm point. Not much longer before you will face the trial of One thousand fetid armpits – and run the backpack and giant handbag gauntlet.

Since we aren’t nearby enough to provide you with actual stick to your ribs sustenance to give you the strength to make it through the rush hour; we figured that we would give you some cake to feast your eyes on instead.

It is our favorite cake duo, Madames Mohapi-Banks and McKee, and all this photographic amaze-ness (and amazeballness – we’re keeping it a little 2011) is part of the stunning 2012 cake range from the very talented Janet. So try and hold onto your drool, we don’t want you to destroy your keyboard on our account. Seriously this is serious cake porn it like Janet and Juliet are the cake and photography equivalent of Hugh Hefner and Ron Jeremy we tells you!

The photographic glory goes to: Juliet Mckee
The Cake glory goes to – Janet Mohapi-Banks
Styling – Stacey-Marie Chalk
Flowers – Wild About Flowers
Stationery – Ivy Ellen
Venue – Fetcham Park House


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  1. This is cakey heaven…and what a team of suppliers too! Really beautiful xx

  2. I have never tried one of Janet’s cakes (despite my perseverance!) but I absolutely ADORE her designs. My mind boggles at how one can be so creative with something edible, if I’m honest.

  3. These cakes are stunning, I love them!

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