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Land of the Giant Flowers

September 7, 2011  |  DIY, DIY Ideas, DIY weddings, Inspiration

Oh childhood memories you are melting away faster than a cornetto beneath the flame of a blow torch, but one thing that we wizened old crones over at Beyond Beyond used to love was Sunday Morning Channel 4 action.  After watching Pob, we liked a bit of Land of the Giants! Bad special effects, B Movie qualities but oh what fun we had!

So, if you would fancy a bit of big objects little people action you may be inspired by this giant flower DIY tutorial that we spied on gorgeous bloggety blog monikered ‘The House that Lars Built’ (you can see the gorgeous wedding of crafty Brittany & Paul on 100 Layer Cake).

For those of you who are still nimble, flexible, and have the tinge of babies milk on your breath – here’s some land of the giants – just so you know what us elderly and infirm lot are talking about!

And the photographic glory of the main image goes to *drum roll*: Ali Degraff

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  1. I love the top image these look like fun to make!

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