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Now Let there be Light

October 11, 2011  |  Inspiration, Wedding decor

There is a light that shines special for you and me
Bobby Caldwell – Open Your Eyes

*Sidebar Bobby Caldwell can get it all day – originals are amazing, but as Hip Hop kids can’t get enough of the sample!* As the winter nights are drawing in the one thing that we are loving is light – seeing nights as dark as onyx  with glowing orbs punching their way through the darkness is gorgeous, and we love that gorgeousness when it is used in a wedding too.  So, this found and beautiful (plural really) is dedicated to tripping the light fantastic.  Let there be light!

Oooh, ooh, ooh, we are doubling up for one image which happens to be a rather delicious D.I.Y. salute to San Diego Wedding Insider for this one.

Fab find credit goes to: Once Wed, Wedding Insider, Green Wedding shoes, We Heart It & Style Me Pretty

And let’s be a bit spurious too… Hello Cudi, Ri-Ri and Kanye.

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  1. A post so de-light-ful it has it’s own theme tune!!! {Up on the blog} http://t.co/yZmKoVCq

  2. Oooh you’ve made me feel all Christmassy. Until I got to Kanye who doesn’t make me feel particularly Christmassy but does make me want to partay.

  3. Kanye is my fave arrogant homeslice – I love the way he puts his foot in his mouth, repeatedly with no remorse!

  4. These are so pretty!

  5. EEE this post makes my little wedding heart ache! I sooo want paper lanterns but alas too high ceilings and lack of insured personnel means my wishes wont come true 🙁

  6. The Chinese lanterns over the water look amazing!

  7. I just love paper lanterns…they make the end of your wedding day so special !!!!

  8. Night lights in the country are delightful! So magical.

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