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Lizzy & Brandon // A Mellow Yellow & Vintage Bow Tie Wedding!

September 15, 2011  |  Real weddings

This is unusual for us as we don’t usually indulge in double shutter candy, but we have got too much awesomeness from Made U Look Photography, so we have to give you a double helping of the wedding stuff today!

First up we have the magnificent, bow tied, mellow yellow, banjo playing, awesometown wedding of Lizzy and Brandon.  We had instant shutter candy love, and heart flipping butterflies over this lovely wedding.  And we are having a whole lot of style love for the boys in this shoot – we are so digging the bowties! (all lovingly handmade from vintage fabric we might add).  And moving onto the beautiful Lizzy, a gorge white dress with a bright, popping bouquet, and a simple flower piece pinned into her curls – oh yes, this is divine!

Made U Look captured the lovely, happy, summery vibe of this gorgeous wedding fest pixel perfectly, a beautiful day with a side order of ‘impromptu hoe-down’ action! Heck and Yes, let the shutter candy shenanigans commence!

and would you like a little video which isn’t spurious… thought you might!

lizzy & brandon from madeulookphotography on Vimeo.

The photographic glory goes to: Made U Look Photography

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  1. This wedding looks like so much fun and it is so pretty!

  2. Lovely wedding!

  3. Lovely, beautiful, and cute wedding! So much love!

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