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A Whole Lot of Heart

Well, although the shutter candy witching hour is upon us it is all about a veritable feast of heart shaped ideas and inspiration. After gazing at the gorgeousness of Birdcage cards yesterday we have gone a little bit heart crazy.  We know that valentines day is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind us, but something about the heart that does us good.   So here it is all about gorgeous heart wedding inspiration… can we get an ‘Awwwwww’ from the peanut gallery *cups hand to ear* we hear you, then it is gorgeousness a-go-go

And you know the way we roll… a post isn’t a post around these parts without a theme tune, so let’s have a bit of spurious music courtesy of The Kooks ‘Junk of the Heart’

Top to bottom: Max and Margaux // Our Labor of Love // Via Once Wed, Libby and Weldon // Our Labor of Love, Heart Invitations by Erin Jang  // The Indigo Bunting, Carmen & Pete // Ashley Rose// Green Wedding Shoes, Candy Themed Bridal Shower // The Hostess Blog, Heart Bouquet // La Belle Bride, Heart Cake Tutorial // I am Baker, Dabney Gardens Wedding // Sarina Love Photography, W.Scott Chester, Style Unveiled // Betwixt Studios , Wedding Invitations // Love Made Me Do itPlantable Seed Confetti // Sophie Favours, Woodland Heart Cake Topper // Better Off Wed, Neon Wedding Invitations // Paper + Cup // Design Sponge

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  1. I always worry about hearts being a bit predictable but these are such great ideas!

  2. These are lovely ideas straight from the heart and full of heart. I love the way you add beautiful music to the images.

  3. Hearts always bring a smile to my face. What fun creative ways to work them into a wedding!

  4. love this post, i love that pic of the brides footsteps!

  5. Erica – hearts are the best cliché in the world in to my mind, I love them!

    Lauren – *blushes* not really my beautiful music… but thanking you!

    Demoiselle – Hearts make me smile too, they are the happy shape!

    Alexis – heck yes to the heart stands, I love the entire wedding it is utterly amazeybally

    Madison – glad you like it oh Pastel Pirate! x

  6. Errrm, the only thing I can say is… ♥♥♥♥

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