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Love is Dino-mite!

August 2, 2012  |  Love Shoots, Lovely Couples, US Wedding

It’s past future in today’s beautiful shoot, we’ve got a bit of AD meeting BC in a stunner from Sam Hurd Photography.  Two vital words lover are WE + LOVE! The possessors of the gorgeous faces in these pictures are Marcy and Rahmin.

The engagement shoot took place in Washington DC, and it is overflowing with the Jurassic lovely. Other than squealing like hyperactive teenagers at a One Direction concert, we don’t have many more words to quite describe the awesome before us.

But, it is time for you to visually get it on and let sweet pixels make love to your eyeballs, then give you a cigarette (electric cigarette of course we want to not kill you), and a back rub afterwards.  Yes, they are that amaze.  Time for shutter candy most gorgeous to begin… seriously a couple so cute a T Rex couldn’t eat them!

The photographic glory goes to: Sam Hurd Photography

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  1. T-Rex, Pterodactyls and a cute couple! Dinosaur Land love! http://t.co/Hc5eXuGc {Up on the blog} http://t.co/Klao7oCk

  2. Amazing Amma! I love this!!!

  3. Great pictures!

  4. So amazing and nice pictures! I love this!

  5. Beyond amazed! Stunning pictures and such a cool location!

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