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The Lovely Engagement of Lauren & Garrett

January 16, 2015  |  Love Shoots, Lovely Couples

Time to wrap up another week in the land Beyond Beyond with a gorgeous engagement shoot. The two crazy in love kids who are gracing your screens this fine afternoon are Lauren and Garrett, with the pixel clicking honours going to Justin Brownell Photography

Justin Brownell Photography shared: Lauren and Garrett are a super cool young couple. They have a contagious spirit and their love is evident at a glance. This young couple met at a party when Garrett challenged Lauren to a game of Mario Cart. It’s been a great ride since then and the couple has an even better one ahead.

Garrett just made Sgt. in the Air Force and Lauren is finishing her school to be an RN. Not to mention their wedding day this upcoming summer in the always amazing Lodge at Bridal Veil Falls.

So lovelies, it is time to let shutter candy commence and we wish Lauren and Garrett a beautiful future!

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_E13A2114_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG5878_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG5926_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG5931_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG5954_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG5979_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG5982_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG6019_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG6030_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG6035_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG6050_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG6067_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG6134_low_Justin Brownell Photography

Ewset_Ewest_Justin_Brownell_Photography_MG6245_low_Justin Brownell Photography

The photographic glory goes to: Justin Brownell Photography

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  1. The lovely engagement of Lauren & Garrett by Justin Brownwell Photographer>>>


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  2. I just absolutely love Justin’s style of photography. Beautiful engagement photos!

  3. Great pictures. Awesome photography.

  4. Gorgeous Engagement Shoot!! Breathtaking pictures.

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