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Monday... ahem: Tuesday Lovely Tuesday

Monday… ahem: Tuesday Lovely Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to you all… doffs spring time bonnet.  I welcome you to Tuesday, Spring, and brighter days as the clocks have gone forward by one hour.  So, as you know last week was all about the launch of the magazine which I’m really proud to have completed and send out into the digital universe.

Since I was a very busy beaver… I am doing the one day behind scheduling thing (I had a Monday of chilling like a James Bond villain… it was so needed!).  It is all about link love and pretty things in this moment.  This is what I’ve liked and loved this week around the internets:

Anna & Ross Eco Friendly Eclectic wedding on Boho Weddings

Helen & Owen on London Bride

Games Brides (and hens) play on Bridal Musings

A Blush Wedding on Grey Likes Weddings

Super Cute project from the House that Lars Built


Girl Crush seems a silly thing to say… but if you have the chance watch  this TED talk it is incredibly inspiring and moving.  I have made love for Kakenya Ntaiya; watch her amazing talk on TED

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