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Monday Lovely Monday

Welcome to Monday Morning, I did have something specially prepared.  I was like a sous chef y’all… all the goodness chopped and ready to go then dun dun dun.

A happy disaster struck as I have managed not to have my design laptop with me.  The positive is that I’m going to do something rather constructive and that is work on my disaster/emergency recovery plan.

Today’s theme tune below, lovers!

The thing is that luckily I have a skeleton back up of almost all my files on my trusty portable hard drive, but it means lovelies that I cannot and will not have access to my all important emails boo and hoo until later on tonight.

So the teaches of Amma this morning are, make sure that you have a disaster recovery plan!  I am lucky in the fact that my beloved ‘puter is safely ensconced a home, watching Jeremy Kyle, lounging on a Chaise Long and eating bon bons.  But, if you haven’t got one in place do what I’ve been putting off for months and do your plan.   If you want some help putting one together you can find some guidelines on business link.  Sometimes, business water gets choppy so make sure you got yourself covered.

So on from seriousness on to pretties,  my hero of the week can wait – but my link love of the week goes to Business Link.  I love the fun and games of being a creative, however you always have to have the practical e.g. boring stuff covered and business plan are a great place to find everything that you need as a business owner.

And the fab five for the week are:

Carly and Tim – gorgeousness via Boho Weddings and Events

Paint chips and water colours – 100 Layer Cake

Ulyana Sergeenko – dress magic via Rock n’ Roll Bride

Fairytale DIY Wedding via Bridal Musings

Coolest wrapping paper ever!

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  1. Monday Lovely Monday! feat @BohoWeddings @RocknRollBride @bridalmusings @100LayerCake {Up on the blog} http://t.co/lMPdEMxC

  2. Morning Monday minx. I had the Bangles chicks hair style, don’t tell anyone ……. it’s going to be a good week I can feel it in my waters. xxx

  3. We’ve got a disaster recovery process in place here, how does it go again, oh yes EVERYONE PANIC!

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