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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Welcome to Monday lovers, I have but one hero this morning it is the sun…

Forget having a love affair or admiration of the achievements of others, anything that can transform the mood of a nation is absolutely praiseworthy in my books.  So, let me continue with this unabashed admiration in the form of song…

Take it away Roy Ayers!!!!


Now, onto the rest of it… the things that I love this week are:

Awesome engagement… could this be the best ever???

Wedding Uggs, I’m going to be the subversive soul who likes the idea of slumming it up the aisle; as opposed to having screaming corns and cursing bunions.  So, yeah, it may make me sartorially challenged – but I think I could make it work!

Beards – an entire book about beards! Yayness

It’s all Peachy Keen! via OMG I’m Getting Married

Just love the bones of this gorgeous wedding via Southbound Bride

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