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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

February 20, 2012  |  Blog Love, Inspiration, Off Topic, Our Friends

Well happy Monday, we are kind of digging the fact that the mornings are lighter, and the sky is a wicked shade of blue at the moment.  Yes, in the wee hours you do get that cartoon-esque nasal icicle drip because it is still rather cold.  But London town is looking mighty fine and knowing that we are transitioning into the spring is a nice feeling, and we are also rather excited about Pancake Day *licks lips LL Cool J style – although why is he always licking his lips we should have a telephon for Ladies Love Cool James and get him some Vaseline*.  Since it is technically a fried Yorkshire pudding we are going to have to experiment with Pancakes and some gravy; don’t get disgusted you know that you wanna try it too.

So, time to kick of the week’s shenanigans this week’s follow is the lovely Yolande De Vries, lovely photographer and a good all around homosapien.  You might also remember that we had a little competition running for a shoot with the lovely Yolande… and the lucky son of a gun is!

Halcyon Smith

Massive congratulations lovely, we can’t wait to see the results of your shoot!

We know that we are very late coming to the superbowl and Grammy party but this week’s heroes are Adele (nothing quite puts Karl Lagerfeld in his place like winning 6 Grammies)

And M.I.A as rude gesticulating and doing bad things with your fingers is always one for the win!

And the fab five for the week is:

An Adorable Foodie Chicago Wedding on 100 Layer Cake

Sweet Inspiration from Katja Grauman via 79 Ideas

Paper porn *drool* via Blink Blink

DIY Confetti Tablecloth via Oh Happy Day

London Fashion Week 2012 *we are getting our daily fashion fix from Vogue*

Oh and ‘cos we are nice like that have some Adele to accompany you morning skiving (we all know that your on the clock dear hearts, but we won’t tell *wink*

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  1. Thanks for sharing the lovely video of Adele, I really enjoyed watching it. She had a great voice and I am so happy she did so well at the Grammies.

  2. Karl Lagerfeld. Silly old tup. hehehe 😉

    LOVE the way Adele is looking right now….


    • She looks great, Mama always said ‘your health is your wealth’ so it means more to have a healthy body regardless of your size. Not feeling this body facism at all. Silly Karl, indeed 🙂

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