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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Well hello Monday, damn you, why are you back so quick!  Well, I’m not going to whinge too much I think there is a part of me that like Cher wishes I could turn back time!  But the good thing is that between beats, the internets, family and friends – I think I will get over the trauma of Monday.  I hope that you all had finer than Brandywine weekends.

So what next!  Well, I guess it is time to slide right into the follows!

This week we are all about the Love Luxe Blog, overflowing with the pretty: covering all the bases from Weddings to straight up celebrations.  It is our new fave spot on the internet!

Hero of the week

We know she is being sued left, right, middle and centre. But, all hail an icon who has shown that at any age you can do what you want and excel.  We want to be a little bit like Madam Madonna this morning (Minus the lawsuits of course).

And the link love goes to:

The LOLS – Portraits so bad that they are good! Via *ahem Mail yeah we read that*

Honor – via Modern Vintage Bride

Canelle et Vanille – The Currants

Sweet Spot

Wunderkind Fall via Sea of Shoes

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  1. Aww thanks so much Amma, that’s lovely – really glad you are enjoying the blog and very much looking forward to seeing you at the launch party 😀 xx

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